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Ray Allen not expecting former Celtics teammates to reach out in advance of Hall of Fame induction

Erin Walsh
September 04, 2018 - 4:43 pm

Former Celtics superstar, Ray Allen, will be enshrined into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday.

In an interview with The Athletic’s NBA Insider, Shams Charania, Allen shared that he thinks he won’t receive any congratulations from his former Celtics teammates.

“No, I don’t expect to,” said Allen.

Some of the teammates he expects not to hear from include Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.

Charania asks, “Any communications with KG, Rondo, Glen Davis?” Allen simply responded, “Nope,” and left it at that.

After deciding to leave the Boston Celtics for rival (at the time) Miami Heat, Allen’s teammates weren’t too happy with the superstar, leading to broken friendships.

Before the enshrinement ceremony on Friday, Allen isn’t at all focused on receiving congratulations messages from former teammates, instead he’s reflecting on his marvelous NBA career.

Charania goes on to ask Allen if there’s a way to sum up his time in the NBA, playing with Seattle, Boston, and Miami. Allen compared it to playing Kung-Fu Fighters, saying he went through levels, having to beat a kung-fu master. Once he defeated the master, he could move on to the next level. He said that’s how his career was in each city.

“Then I go to Seattle, and basically get my own team. It’s like the captain in the navy, getting my own ship after a while because I had so much experience. That’s how it was in Seattle. Then I’m really at war in Boston, because we’re fighting for a championship. Miami was still war and so many challenges, being around younger stars that are equally as talented.”

Allen went on to say there were lessons he needed to learn, once he learned them he needed to figure out exactly how to use those lessons.

Allen says he had the most fun playing for Seattle because he played with young guys that loved the game as much as he did. “It was my most enjoyable years,” said Allen.

Comparing his time in Seattle to his time in Boston and Miami, Allen says playing for the Celtics and Heat was still enjoyable but much more stressful. In Boston and Miami, your expected to win, Allen said.

“In Boston, you lose one game and it was comparable to losing five,” said Allen.

When asked about who his favorite teammate was, Allen said it was a toss-up between Sam Cassell and LeBron James.

“Sam was a guy you wanted to go to battle with. He wouldn’t quit on you and do whatever he could. He never wore bad body language. LeBron is a guy who you’ll have fun with, he’ll compete with you, but he is always one of the guys. He never made himself bigger than the next man,” said Allen.

Celtics fans will certainly not like hearing that Allen’s favorite teammate was LeBron James, but like Allen, James is one of the most talented basketball players of all time.

Allen is one of the biggest superstars in NBA history, his enshrinement into the Hall of Fame caps off his outstanding career in style.