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Tedy Bruschi on OMF: 'It’s going to be difficult for Josh Gordon' with Patriots

Erin Walsh
September 19, 2018 - 5:45 pm

Former Patriots linebacker and ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi joined Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria Wednesday afternoon for his weekly visit, and predictably much of the conversation was about the Josh Gordon trade.

Given all his off-field issues, Bruschi hopes Gordon works out in New England, but acknowledged it's going to be tough.

“I hope it does,” he said. “It would be great for him. This is a lot of chances that he’s received -- I understand that -- but this is a different chance in terms of an organization with the structure and discipline that’s in the locker room, but I know it’s going to be hard for him.”

Bruschi added: "It’s going to be difficult for Josh Gordon because, as a former player myself, I know everything that it takes to get to Sunday when you don’t have problems. I mean the distractions from family and friends or college teammates and high school friends, the physical practice, mandatory workouts, being on time for treatments if you’re getting better, the maintenance appointments, taking care of your body, the mental pressure of practice, if you make mistakes, how they must be fixed, how they’re handled in those meeting rooms or on the field, and add on to all of that, addiction problems.

"So, dealing with all of that just to get to one Sunday has been difficult for this player to handle. So, if he does that one Sunday, or two Sunday’s, can he continue to do that for 13 or 14 Sunday’s and be reliable for the team? By the way, he also has a hamstring he’s hampered by so the odds are against him right now. I hope he can make it, but it is going to be extremely hard for him.”

When asked about the best-case scenario for Gordon, if he makes and plays in every game for the rest of the year, Bruschi didn’t sound too confident in the wide receiver.

“You’re saying, you’re giving me that he’s going to make it to every game for the rest of the year?” said Bruschi. “Okay well, great news for the New England Patriots, Josh Gordon makes it to every single game for the rest of this season. So, you’re talking receptions, you’re talking 60-70 receptions. If this guy gets himself to Sunday every week and is playing, he’s a difference maker.”

“The chances are slim,” he added. “Based on who he’s been for the past couple of years, I’m telling you though that we’re not going to have that opportunity because for him to be available for all 14 games, so much is going to have to happen. I don’t think that that’s going to happen. It’s going to be very hard, the odds are stacked against him. The chances are slim. Do you hope for it? Me as a former Patriot and seeing Josh Gordon in a good place and playing good football every Sunday, I would love to see it. Man, you’ve got to be a different person than you’ve been the past couple of years though, and that’s hard to be.”

Bruschi also noted the pressure of playing for the Patriots compared to other teams, and sometimes that can be hard for a player to handle.

“If he had a choice, would he want this type of structure?” said Bruschi. “Or would he have rather gone to a place where there was less pressure? Because maybe pressure is not a good thing for him and that’s all he’s going to feel here. Fans, media, players, in stadium, everything. I mean when you go on the road, it’s different when you play for the Patriots than the Cleveland Browns. There’s pressure here that you would not experience.”

Gordon was officially limited in practice Wednesday with a hamstring injury, but has not yet been ruled out to play Sunday in Detroit.

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