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Who is more inspirational on Instagram, Tom Brady or Zdeno Chara?

Erin Walsh
September 13, 2018 - 10:39 am

As many know, Zdeno Chara has taken the Instagram world by storm. It seems like everyday he posts something inspirational, whether it be about hockey or life in general.

His most recent post is about working hard to achieve goals.

Today I’ve been asked : How many training camps is this for you ? Well...It doesn’t matter. Nothing is gonna be giving to me just because “This many “ I always wanted to prove myself and earn what I get. Every day consistently working hard to be better while staying humble,because I know I could have less and grateful because I know I’ve had less . Most importantly is to be myself :Lead,Share and Learn. LETS GO PLAY SOME HOCKEY. #training #trainingcamp #hardwork #everyday #humble #greatful #proveit #earnit #team #teamwork #teammates #lead #follow #share #learn #listen#hockey #nhl#newseason #letsplay ————————————————————————- Dnes sa ma opýtali: Koľko tréning kempov to je pre teba? to úplne jedno. Nič mi nebuďe darované len preto že “Toľko “ Vždy som sa chcel preukázať a zaslúžiť si čo mi bude dané. Neustále každý deň tvrdo pracovať a zostať skromný,pretože viem že by som mohol mať menej a byť vďačný pretože viem že som mal menej. Najdôležitejšie je zostať sám sebou Viesť,Deliť a Učiť sa. POĎME HRAŤ ZASE HOKEJ.

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The Bruins captain joining Instagram is great for people looking for some motivation. Let’s take a quick look at some of his other posts.

This is a good one because he talks about how we need to protect our Earth and its beautiful nature.

1.Chvíľe bez slov.....sedim a užívam si krásne výhľady na prekrásne lesy, údolia a rieky.Nechávam sa stratiť v počúvaní rozmanitej prírody a jej života. 2.Som vďačný že som mohol stráviť vzácne chvíle v prírode a naučiť sa od Ekológa,Ochranára a Dokumentaristu Erika Baláža viac ako chrániť a predchádzať ničeniu a ťažbe v našich krásnych lesoch ,znečistovaní riek a potokov ,nelegálnemu odstrelu divej zveri a hubeniu hmyzu. #priroda #lesy #udolia #rieky #zver #zivot #voda #chranit#mysmeles #strazcadivociny #krasnakrajinka #erikbalaz #bezzasahovost—————————————————————- 1.Moments of silence ......just sitting and enjoying amazing views on beautiful mountains,valleys and rivers.Letting myself to get lost and listening the sounds of life in surrounding nature. 2.I am thankful to be able to spend some time with Ecologist,Conservationists and Documentarist Erik Baláž and learn more how to protect the devastation and unnecessary logging, pollution of rivers and streams,pouching Wild animals and insects extermination. #nature #wildlife #animals #forest #riverside #valley #water #protectthenature #erikbalaz

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In this next post, Chara talks about the importance of treating others with respect, and how we need to make a more positive impact on the world. Powerful.

Every time we point a finger at someone, there are three remaining fingers pointing back at us. We may want to be careful with critcizing others. A good leader makes others realize their mistake in an effective way. Without blame or insult. We can choose words wisely, our positive actions and good examples teach people more than the desire to change them. And if you’re on the other end and feel that there is more criticism and negativity than helping hand in any relationship, recognize it and walk away. We should treat others as we like to be treated. And I believe in changing myself first. I believe that’s the most I can do: to start with myself. The only thing I can really change. #powerofone ——————————————————————— Vzdy ked na niekoho ukazujeme prstom, ukazuju dalsie tri prsty na nas. Myslim si, ze by sme mali byt opatrni s kritizovanim inych. Dobry leader poukaze na chyby inych efektivnym sposobom. Bez urazania alebo obvinovania. Mozeme si vyberat slova, nase pozitivne skutky a dobry priklad nauci druhych viac, ako tuzba ich zmenit. A ak ste na opacnej strane a dostavate viac kritiky ako pomocnej ruky, uznajte to a odidte. Mali by sme sa spravat ku inym tak, ako by sme chceli aby sa oni spravali k nam. Verim v zmenu seba sameho. Verim, ze je to to najviac, co mozem urobit: zacat od seba. Jedine, co mozem naozaj zmenit.

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Oh, and don’t forget about his insanely motivational workout videos expressing how important it is to workout and stay healthy.

I really enjoy working hard in the gym where you are not afraid to sweat or bleed ,where pains become part of who you are ,where you consistently have to earn it everyday, hungry to be better. No shortcuts ! No excuses! No BS ! #dukla#hardwork#grind#grit#sweat#funtimes ————————————————————— Rád si užívam tvrdý tréning v gym kde sa nemusíš báť sa spotiť ba niekedy aj do krvi ,kde sa bolesť stane súčasťou toho kým si,kde si to sústavne dokazuješ každý deň ,byt lepším. Žiadne ukrátenia! Žiadne výhovorky! Žiadne klamstvá ! #dukla#tvrdápraca#drina#zabava

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Another major Boston sports figure also joined Instagram, that person being Tom Brady. Brady posts inspirational photos, but also posts a lot about football and the Patriots.

Along with Chara, Brady does some pretty intense workouts that are sure to motivate even those who aren’t into going to the gym. The 41-year-olds are definitely showing how important it is to remain healthy even in your older years.

Yes Indeed --

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In this post by Brady, he reminds us how important it is to never give up and to always strive for greatness.

If you happen to be very lucky, when you are 10 years old, you will have people in your life tell you that the world can be anything you want it to be, and you will believe them. And those same people will never put limits on your abilities. So no matter the circumstances, you always try your best and you never give up, because that’s what you do when you’re chasing your dream. If you’re lucky, you will have family, teammates, coaches, mentors and trainers along the way to help you when you lose faith in yourself. And they will give you the strength to carry on. If you’re lucky, you may get picked last, you may ride the bench, and many times the team may move on without you, and you come to recognize that, in return, you are given the chance to earn the greatest edge of all that can never be taken away: WILL. HEART. To anyone who feels left out or is afraid of trying their best for fear of failure, you are not alone. The magic you’re looking for is in the WILL of trying and not giving up. The love of your dream is in your HEART. One day, you will look back on your life and appreciate the struggle and have nothing but gratitude for everything that happened along the way. To anyone who is struggling early in the morning or late at night in pursuit of your dream, struggles that many will never see, and to any leaders out there who believe in someone who doesn’t yet believe in themselves… Keep going. Keep going. Because WILL always finds a way. @underarmour #TBT #WillFindsAWay

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This isn’t necessarily inspirational but Brady seems to always express how much he loves and cares for his family through Instagram.

Three peas in a pod ❤️❤️❤️

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When all is said and done, Chara apears more inspirational than Brady. Chara seems to post more inspirational photos, while Brady posts about football, vacations, his sponsorships, and his family.