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Cowherd: Patriots a Gronk tackle away from being portrayed in different light

Evan Marinofsky
January 01, 2019 - 8:49 am

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Sunday, the New England Patriots grabbed the No. 2 in this year's AFC dance and earned their ninth-straight first-round bye. On his show "The Herd," Colin Cowherd pointed out that the Patriots' season hinged on one play. 

"Never forget this," started Cowherd. "I want you to think about Kansas City and New England. Remember: New England beat Kansas City and the Patriots finished at 11-5 and we see it as a down year. KC finished 12-4 and we see it as an amazing year. The only reason New England isn't a number one seed is because Rob Gronkowski isn't a very good safety. That's it.

"If Gronk, in the last year of his long career, could tackle people and have taken a better angle and they would've won the Miami game, they'd be the number one seed and KC would be going to Foxborough where New England is 8-0 again and will have a bye. If Gronk wasn't a crappy tackler, this 'down' year in New England would've got them the number one seed." 

For Patriots fans in need of a heavy injection of their team's colors after Sunday's 38-3 win over the New York Jets, Cowherd provided that.

"Oh, damn New England looks really good again," said Cowherd of his postgame thoughts. "That's the best they've looked all season. 

"The 45 minutes of that game I watched yesterday, wide receiver Phillip Dorsett was the best I've seen him as a Patriot. The running game was over 130 yards again. Tom Brady had four touchdowns and no interceptions. The defense suffocated a real pass rush." 

Cowherd believes trouble is coming for the Chiefs. 

"All the pressure is on Kansas City because they've been the darling team and he's what's funny: KC is the opposite of New England," started Cowherd. "Kansas City was amazing in September and has the league's flashiest quarterback and has a great head coach who's struggled in the playoffs and have dynamic individual players. New England is now really good in December, has a quarterback who's efficient and not flashy, has a coach who's a legend in the playoffs and are system over individual players." 

Another fact that came from Cowherd's positivity palace and would make any Patriots fan need a new pair of pants: the Chiefs are 3-3 over their last six games. 

"I'm watching that Patriots game and I'm thinking two words for the AFC: uh oh," said Cowherd. "New England's healthy, rolling, running it, best coach, a bye at home, a situational pass rush and one of the best secondary's in the NFL."