David Backes loves his friends on Blues, but 'I'll hate them for the next 3 weeks'

Evan Marinofsky
May 22, 2019 - 3:29 pm

David Backes initially left the St. Louis Blues in the summer of 2016 in part to get a better shot at winning his first Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins

But to earn the ultimate prize, he now has one thing standing in his way: his former team.

"Would've been fine to make the Finals in different years and then you could've each had a shot at it," Backes said after Wednesday's practice. "But now it's all about what's in this room. There's still some good friends, some of my best friends on that team, but I told them I love them now and I'll love them afterwards. But I'll hate them for the next three weeks, and I think that's a mutual decision." 

Backes spent 10 seasons with the Blues, scoring 206 goals and 460 points over 727 regular season games. He was captain from 2011-16. 

"There's going to be heightened emotions," Backes said of facing his former club. "It's a binary decision now. It's us or them. There's no third part, no ties. One of us is going to win the Stanley Cup -- either the St. Louis Blues or the Boston Bruins. 

"Wish those guys well up until this point but now it's all about us and winning this thing. All our thoughts and our efforts are in this room." 

Backes made the playoffs six times as a Blue but never got a chance to play for the Cup. 

"I don't believe there's a lot of ill will there, just my take on it," Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said of Backes having to play his friends. "He's got good friendships in that room but that'll all go away now. Where he is in this stage of his career, in anybody's, but particularly him because he's been through it, he doesn't know when he's going to get another kick at the cat here. 

"I think that'll be the biggest motivating factor for him -- get his name on the Stanley Cup."

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