Max Kellerman on Tom Brady: 'Of the remaining quarterbacks in the AFC, he is dead last'

Evan Marinofsky
January 12, 2019 - 3:56 pm

With the New England Patriots back on the Sunday NFL game schedule, so too was Max Kellerman's Tom Brady bashing. 

On First Take, Kellerman held nothing back when criticizing the 41-year old quarterback. 

"I'll say this: of the remaining quarterbacks in the AFC, [Brady> is dead last," said Kellerman. "I'd rather have Philip Rivers. I'd rather have Patrick Mahomes. I'd rather have Andrew Luck right now over Tom Brady." 

It's no secret that Kellerman is anti-Patriots. But this rant was one Kellerman even felt the need to tweet. 

"All the numbers are down for Tom Brady," reasoned Kellerman. "Not just on third down, all across the board! But in terms of the dinking and dunking passing, the yardage is shorter than ever. And he's not throwing into tight windows by the way. Guys are wide open. Not only does he not have the offensive weapons he used to have, not only is the defense slower than it used to be, he is capable of much less." 

Friday's edition of First Take also saw Stephen A. Smith pick against the Patriots. 

"I'm going with the Chargers in this particular game for a bevy of reasons," said Smith. "Number one: I don't trust the New England Patriots from what I'm seeing. They a top-five offense, I think fourth in points. They a top-seven defense overall but they bend a lot. Twenty-first in yards allowed, 22 against the pass and the health of Rob Gronkowski. He says he's ready, I'm not sure. Julian Edelman doesn't look the same, he's been a rollercoaster ride since the four-game suspension. He doesn't appear to be the same and they've lost Josh Gordon for obvious reasons. 

"They just don't seem to be the same offensively. Defensively, you get the impression they know what they're doing. They know how to bend without breaking but this a Chargers team 9-1 on the road and 8-2 against the spread." 

Do you know what we call that, ladies and gentlemen? Hard hitting analysis.