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Peter King on D&K discusses Josh McDaniels' options this offseason

Evan Marinofsky
December 27, 2018 - 1:09 pm

Lots of questions surround the New England Patriots' future. One big one was answered by Tom Brady in his interview with Jim Gray earlier this week when he said he not only hoped to play in 2019, but in seasons after.

Now the spotlight is on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. What will his next move be? 

Peter King of NBC Sports joined Rob Bradford and Tom E. Curran filling in for Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe on Thursday afternoon to talk about some possible head coaching jobs for McDaniels. 

"Cleveland is shut down really tight right now so I can't tell you whether John Dorsey is going to be interested in bringing Josh McDaniels home or not," said King. "The interesting one to me is Green Bay. I know the Packers have asked around a bit about him and I think they're going to look into him. How seriously they'll look into him, I don't know. I think they're doing their perfunctory interviews this week. 

"I think of those two, I think Green Bay would probably be the more interesting one." 

Curran interjected by asking what the best head coaching job on the market was, King replied with a very surprising answer. 

"I think Cleveland has the most talent, the best long term quarterback," he said. "What it comes down to is do you want a significantly lesser roster in Green Bay than you have in Cleveland? It's crazy, but at some point when you look at all the high draft choices they've had, and you look at Myles Garrett really playing like a first pick in the draft should be, I think you have to ask yourself do I want 4-5 years of Aaron Rodgers with a lesser roster or as long a QB life as I could hope for in Cleveland?" 

The Packers job is still desirable because of Rodgers, and King described what he believes Rodgers is looking for in his next head coach. 

"I think Aaron Rodgers is dying for a guy who will bring some imagination to the table," he said. "I don't know if the Packers are going to go down the road with Josh McDaniels but this would be more about, if I were McDaniels, it wouldn't be Mark Murphy saying 'hey, we'd liked you to meet Aaron Rodgers'. It would be McDaniels walking into the room and saying 'Before we do anything, I need to speak with Aaron Rodgers'." 

Curran brought up how he believes McDaniels' job with the Patriots has been incredibly underrated this season with making Cordarrelle Patterson a viable reciever, not having Julian Edelman for a stretch of time, and dealing with Josh Gordon going in and out.

"That's exactly what the Green Bay Packers need to be looking for," replied King. "Need to be looking for a guy who can take the Equanimeous St. Brown's of the world and make them weapons like the Packers have done in the past with Davante Adams and guys like that but these are even lesser guys. McDaniels has been doing that. He's been making chicken salad out of o.k. receivers for awhile." 

In the case that McDaniels stays in New England this offseason, King thinks he'll have one very important task from his boss. 

"If McDaniels doesn't get a job and he stays, I can see Bill Belichick saying to him 'this offseason, you have one job: look at every QB out here from Ryan Tannehill to veterans and rookies and draft choices and let's figure out who you like."