Peter King tells D&K best Divisional Round matchup for Patriots is Texans

Evan Marinofsky
January 03, 2019 - 1:14 pm

For the ninth straight season, the New England Patriots have earned the opportunity to watch the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs from home. Over this past week, the most relevant question that surrounds the team is who should the Pats want to draw in the divisional round? 

On Thursday afternoon, Peter King of NBC Sports joined Dale & Keefe to give his take on the Patriots most favorable opponent in their first gut check of the postseason. 

"I think Houston," said King. "I think the Baltimore Ravens are a very difficult match for anyone right now because they have a quarterback who's running the ball 15 times a game very effectively. They have a team running the ball 65% of the time over the last seven games. It's unheard of and hasn't happened in our lifetime. It didn't even happen with big running teams like the Packers of the 60s." 

King's reason for the Texans being the most favorable opponent surrounds their biggest weakness. 

"I guess I would look at it and say that I think Houston is most vulnerable in a really important spot and that is the offensive line," said King. "They're getting their quarterback killed so to me, even though that's a really excellent defensive front, I think you'd be able to make hay rushing Deshaun Watson. Plus, they've played each other about 100 times in the last three or four years so I'm sure the Patriots know everything about the Texans." 

The Texans head into the playoffs having allowed the most sacks in the league (62) and the most quarterback hits (126). 

The Patriots have played the Texans 11 times since 2003. In those 11 matchups, the Patriots have won 10 of them. Their most recent clash came in the season opener when the Patriots edged out a 27-20 win.