Fantasy Football: DraftKings Week 3

September 26, 2015 - 4:18 am

I hope you all had some success in Week 2. I had it rough with a lot of Tony Romo lineups, but I am raring to go for Week 3. I've broken my recommendations into three cost categories, so you have options throughout DraftKings' pricing from top to bottom. If you haven't yet, please join Jim Hackett and me tomorrow morning for The Fantasy Football Hour at 8 a.m. on 93.7. We'll be covering Week 3 injuries, some lineup advice and plenty of DraftKings, too! BIG-MONEY OPTIONS ($7,000 and up) Antonio Brown, Steelers at Rams, $8,900 He's going to see a ton of targets as usual, and he can handle anybody the Rams throw at him. The return of Le'Veon Bell helps him because they like to use them in tandem. Play-action to Bell sets up a lot of nice screen opportunities for Brown, who is one of the safest plays week in and week out. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Chiefs, $8,000 Yeah, it's a boatload of coin, but with it you get the league's best quarterback going against a defense that has been giving up passing yards and touchdowns through the first two games. The fact that Eddie Lacy is banged up could lead to a little extra passing volume, and we like extra passing volume. Tom Brady, Patriots vs. Jaguars, $7,700 He's on fire, and I like this week's home matchup. The biggest fear would be an early blowout, but the Patriots usually pile on the points, so I am not too worried. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots vs. Jaguars, $7,400 Stack him with Brady or play him on his own. Gronkowski is a man amongst boys right now, and he offers amazingly consistent performance at a position littered with duds. Granted, it will cost you, but no other tight end offers you the kind of upside you get from Gronk. He's in half of my Week 3 DraftKings lineups. Randall Cobb, Packers vs. Chiefs, $7,300 If I pay for Rodgers then I am very likely to pay for Cobb and enjoy a nice Monday Night Football stack. Cobb matches up well with the Chiefs secondary and he should see a lot of passes coming his way, and that fits DraftKings' PPR format nicely. Julian Edelman, Patriots vs. Jaguars, $7,000 If I play Brady, I am going to go with a Patriots stack, and that means either Edelman or Rob Gronkowski. That Edelman has been targeted an absurd 31 times this season after just two games gives me confidence. That said, if you are really feeling Gronk this week, go that way. MID-LEVEL OPTIONS ($4,000-$6,900) Marcus Mariota, Titans vs. Colts, $6,100 If you want to save money at quarterback this week, I am liking the rookie. He's been solid so far with two good fantasy outings in two tries, and I like the way this game should play out for him. There aren't many scenarios I can see where the Titans go conservative or to the ground. I expect Andrew Luck to bounce back with a vengeance, and you beat the Colts through the air right now. That much seems clear after two weeks. All signs point to Mariota getting plenty of chances to throw at a weak secondary. He also has excellent foot-point potential, and the more he drops back, the more times he might decide to take off. Sure, starting rookie quarterbacks can be risky, but this kid seems like a very cool customer. He offers a lot of statistical potential for 6,100 units. Donte Moncrief, Colts at Titans, $4,800 He is the most stable guy the Colts have at receiver right now. Rookie Phillip Dorsett still is being coached up. T.Y. Hilton has been banged up, and Andre Johnson looks like he might want to hang 'em up. That leaves Moncrief as a guy you can bet on, and he's a nice value, too. Frank Gore, Colts at Titans, $4,500 Against the Jets, Gore had all of his best runs called back on holding penalties. He fumbled at the goal line and he posted forgettable fantasy numbers. Well, it's not Week 2 anymore and Gore won't be facing the Jets. The Titans give the veteran a shot at redemption, and I see him cashing in on it. You can get on board for 4,500 units. That's a substantial savings over backs like Justin Forsett or LeSean McCoy, and I think you get the same scoring potential. T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars at Patriots, $4,400 Once again, it's about game flow. No matter how this game breaks, Yeldon should be a big part of Jacksonville's attack. He's the Jags' early-down back and he's their passing down back. The guy who normally would take touches away from Yeldon is Denard Robinson, who will sit out this week's game. By my math, you should get about 20 touches, and you only pay 4,400 units for it. BARGAIN BASEMENT (below $4,000) Leonard Hankerson, Falcons at Cowboys, $3,800 The Falcons are thin at running back with no Tevin Coleman this week. That could lead to more passing, and that benefits Hankerson, who has looked pretty good out there this season. Through two games, Hankerson has played on 67 percent of the offensive snaps. That's quite a bit for a third receiver. He's a value this week in a game that should feature plenty of passing. Kenny Britt, Rams vs. Steelers, $3,800 The Rams will have to put the ball in the air against the Steelers, and Britt has looked good so far this season. He's definitely the Ram to bet on in the passing game this week. Things could change once they get Brian Quick back in the fold, but it doesn't look like Quick will be ready to return this week. Britt has multi-score upside at a bargain-basement price. Yes, there's some bust potential as well, but what do you want for 3,800 units? Phillip Dorsett, Colts at Titans, $3,300 He can have a good week on a single play, and he is getting chances. Last week he actually got locked up with Revis a few times downfield. This week presents no such challenges and should offer more downfield opportunities. Dorsett could do little, but he has one of the higher ceilings you will find at this price level. Cole Beasley, Cowboys vs. Falcons, $3,300 Atlanta is a tough matchup for Dallas right now. You have to think the Cowboys will be chasing for much of the day, because Atlanta has most of its weapons on the field and Dallas obviously does not. Beasley, who works out of the slot, should have one of the better matchups in the passing game for the Cowboys because he should avoid stud cornerback Desmond Trufant. Beasley is good in the red zone and he fits the PPR format this week because he has a chance to catch a lot of balls. Not bad for what you have to pay. Bilal Powell, Jest vs. Eagles, $3,000 This is a conditional recommendation. The key is Chris Ivory sitting out. If that happens, Powell is a potential steal at the minimum RB price. So if you are looking for a dirt-cheap back who can get involved as a receiver and play a lot of snaps, Powell could be your guy. Just make sure Ivory (groin) is out before you finalize. Virgil Green, Broncos at Lions, $2,500 You cannot spend less on a player, but as I said last week, Green is a gutsy call with some upside because of Peyton Manning. He'll have a decent shot at scoring again this week, and 2,500 units is about as low risk as it gets. So if you have that perfect lineup, but you have to go way low at tight end to make it work, here's a way to do it, and you might even get some points out of him. DraftKings DraftKings has your shot to play for FREE in the $1 Million Fantasy Football Contest THIS SUNDAY! First place takes home $100,000! FOR FREE ENTRY, CLICK HERE.