Felix Doubront explains how car door run-in led to DL stint

May 21, 2014 - 3:09 pm

Some players hit bumps in the road. Felix Doubront didn't quite make it that far. Instead, Doubront landed on the disabled list with what the team described as a left shoulder strain -- the result of banging his shoulder on a car door while retrieving one of his children from his vehicle on Monday. Manager John Farrell cited shoulder fatigue as the reason for Doubront'€™s trip to the DL, and the impact of the door seemed to be the main cause of the lefty's shoulder issues on Tuesday, when his fastball velocity was in the mid- to upper-80s, well short of his typical 92 mph average for the season. "There'€™s no one pinpointed area [in his shoulder] that there'€™s a strength deficit," Farrell said. "There'€™s overall fatigue, as we saw in the velocity last night, but there wasn't  anything through the exam that pinpointed any one spot so the impact of contusion, so to speak, didn'€™t allow the shoulder to fire normally and that's where we saw the diminished velocity. Any time we take a pitcher off the mound inside of any given game, we'™re going to take a cautious approach, and we don't feel like in four days he's gonna be back to 100 percent." Doubront has not received an MRI, but Farrell said that one would be necessary if the left-hander doesn'€™t "respond as [the team] anticipates through the course of rehab and treatment." So how exactly does a major league pitcher injure himself in such a fashion? Doubront said that he was trying to retrieve his child from the back seat of a car, and that the door's swing was limited by the narrow space where the car was parked. So, as he tried to navigate the situation, he simply smacked his shoulder in a fashion that nearly inspired pitching doomsday scenarios. "It just happened. I opened the door and it hit my shoulder right in that spot," Doubront said. "It was something stupid like that, and it happened right in that spot, in the corner of my shoulder. It was bruised the past few days. Yesterday it was worse during the game." Doubront also says that there was some inflammation in the area along with the bruising. The lefty says that he didn't pay much attention to the seemingly harmless injury until he got on the mound and felt a little discomfort. While he felt "relief" to realize that his struggles had not been related to a more significant injury, he still expressed dismay that a random off-the-field occurrence led him to the DL. "I started thinking what had gone on and why that happened, and it was feeling different, and my velocity went down," Doubront said. "It'€™s pretty frustrating." Farrell said that the team was not aware that Doubront had injured himself prior to the outing. "If [Doubront] felt it was that severe, he would have said something about it, but in his mind it didn'€™t feel like it would hinder his ability to pitch," Farrell said. The Red Sox and Braves are the only two teams in the majors that have used just five starters this season, but with Doubront'€™s absence, the Red Sox will need to fill a rotation spot. As far as Doubront'€™s replacement goes, Farrell said that the club had yet to make a decision, but have a couple of candidates in mind. "œA couple of guys that have been throwing the ball well are [Allen] Webster and [Brandon] Workman," Farrell said. "€œI think the most important thing is that we've got a group of pitchers that have made their debut and have had experience here, and they'€™re talented and they'€™re throwing the ball well." Farrell also said that Chris Capuano wasn't likely to be considered an option to make a start. "€œI think we'€™re a little too far past his last extended work. We feel comfortable with 50, 55 pitches with him, but at this point we have other options that are further stretched out," Farrell said of Capuano. Doubront was replaced on the active 25-man roster by shortstop Stephen Drew on Wednesday. He will be eligible to come off the DL on June 4.