Felix Doubront on relieving: 'I have to be more prepared for that ... It's different'

September 29, 2013 - 2:22 pm

BALTIMORE -- Felix Doubront had one regular season opportunity to audition for a playoff bullpen role. It did not go well. That is not to say that the Red Sox will make their decision solely based on his four outs of work -- in which he followed up a scoreless fourth by permitting five runs on five hits and a walk while retiring just one batter -- but certainly he did little to advance his case. After the fact, Doubront suggested that he believes that he can help the team in the playoffs, though he did acknowledge that there was an element of foreignness to working in relief. "As a reliever, I have to be more prepared for that, for those situations. As a starter, I can do everything there and help the team. I think I can do that," said Doubront. "It's not the same [relieving], man. It's not the same. You have to warm up, you have to stretch, you have to warm up quicker, you have to be ready in 10-20 pitches. As a starter, you stretch, run a little bit, long toss. Relieving, the long toss is right there. I can do it. I can do it. But today was my first time, you know? I have to practice that more on Tuesday, be more quick and get my arm ready. ... And mentally, too, you have to be prepared mentally to be relieving and get ready faster."