Brad Stevens insists Celtics moved on from last season ‘a long time ago’

Gabby Guerard
August 08, 2019 - 12:27 pm

The Celtics have made it clear they are ready to move on from last season's dysfunction.

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Jayson Tatum acknowledged last year is behind them.

Jaylen Brown noted it can’t get any worse than last year, but that’s over with.

And now, Brad Stevens is adding to that mentality too, insisting it’s been that way for months.

“It’s funny because I think, on the outside, because there’s not much to talk about for two months in the summer, that’s kind of been the consistent story,” Stevens said, during his visit to Team USA training camp Wednesday. “On the inside, we moved on past it a long time ago. It’s been a great vibe in our building. We have a great group of workers.”

“Jaylen [Brown] and Jayson [Tatum] are here but they were in Boston last week working all the way up until this point,” he added. “Obviously, we’ve had a ton of our young guys through. We turned that page a long time ago. That’s what you should do after a season. I think, whether you had success or it wasn’t as good as you want, you learn from it and move on.”

The three returning Celtics at Team USA training camp have already turned the page for next season by getting to know their new point guard, Kemba Walker. Even with Marcus Smart currently out with calf tightness, that doesn’t mean the Boston group can’t continue creating chemistry off the court too.