Off Day podcast: Are there unwritten rules to 53-man roster projections?

Gabby Guerard
August 13, 2019 - 11:20 am

Following the Patriots’ first preseason game this year, Andy Hart and Ryan Hannable made a slew of adjustments to their 53-man roster projections, creating version 3.0.

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However, despite making them separately, both lists were virtually the same. The only difference was at cornerback: Hannable included Joejuan Williams, whereas Hart left him off the roster, replaced by Duke Dawson.

Though Hart’s reasoning was what caught Hannable’s attention on The Off Day Podcast.

“You had a second-round pick off the roster,” Hannable said.

“Oh, he’ll be here. He’ll be hurt or something,” Hart replied.

“You went against the sort of unwritten rules of 53-man roster projections,” Hannable said. “You can’t just make up phantom injuries!”

“If Bill can do it, I can do it,” stated Hart.

“But that’s not what you do with rosters,” Hannable said.

“Wait, so he can do it in real life, but I can’t do it in fake fantasy internet life?” Hart questioned.

Hannable agreed, acknowledging that there are a number of varying factors to take into consideration when building a roster. However traditionally, some don’t include trade possibilities or anything that might leave a player off the roster, but still with the organization – these are allegedly the unwritten rules that Hart was accused of violating.

But, he couldn’t disagree more.

“There’s no unwritten rules, I make the rules! It’s my frickin projection!” Hart said. “And again, if Bill can do it in real life, then I can do it in fantasy land.”