Devin McCourty likes Jerod Mayo as a coach but will still 'make fun of him all day'

Gabby Guerard
August 02, 2019 - 9:45 am

After an eight-year stint with the Patriots as a player, Jerod Mayo certainly knows how to lead Bill Belichick's system. But despite this knowledge and experience, it doesn’t mean it’s been smooth sailing with all the players since returning as a coach for the first time in New England.

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Devin McCourty (31) is only two years younger than Mayo (33), and they have six years of experience with each another as players. Now that they’re working together as player and coach, McCourty wasted no time before poking fun at Mayo.

“Oh I make fun of him all day,” McCourty said after training camp Thursday. “I mean, he’s a rookie coach, so you get a rookie coach in here. I ask him, does he have to clean the coaches’ locker room? All those little things.”

Besides their long history with each other, McCourty can likely only get away with those comments because he has become one of the main leaders of the Patriots’ defense, after Mayo retired following the 2015 season. McCourty has been a defensive captain for the last eight years with the Patriots.

Beyond the jokes, Mayo has earned positive feedback so far. McCourty also shared how the aspects that made him a strong leader as a player are still in full effect for him as a coach.

“But he’s been awesome,” McCourty added. “Just having him out here – high energy as a player, even more energy as a coach. So it’s been a pleasure I think for all our players just to have him around the locker room.”

While the Patriots have elected not to name a defensive coordinator going into the 2019 season, Mayo is replacing Brian Flores, who is now the head coach of the Dolphins. Last season, Flores had replaced Matt Patricia.

Despite the turnover, McCourty reports that one thing has always remained consistent: Belichick never hesitating to speak his mind about all aspects of the game.

“Since I’ve been here, Bill’s always been heavily involved in the offense, defense, and special teams. He’s never scared to let you know exactly how he feels on what’s going on, so he’s definitely been involved with all the things we’ve done,” McCourty said. “But I think it’s been good. It’s been really a group of guys… it’s been everyone kind of being involved.”

As Mayo begins to settle into his role with the Patriots, there is still plenty of time for him to develop a new legacy in New England – this time, as a coach.