Game 3 Tigers, Red Sox clubhouse reaction

October 15, 2013 - 6:03 pm

DETROIT -- A smattering of postgame clubhouse reaction to the events that led to the Red Sox' 1-0 win over the Tigers in Game 3 of the ALDS: ON THE SECOND-INNING POWER OUTAGE THAT DELAYED JOHN LACKEY'S RETURN TO THE MOUND BY 17 MINUTES: Jarrod Saltalamacchia: "He definitely wasn't happy with it. It always seems like his starts are something whether there's a rain delay or something happens where there's a delay. He always seem to get those. I think it was probably a good opportunity for him to slow things down. I think he was a little excited that first inning. It seemed like he was maybe overthrowing a little bit because he was leaving pitches over the plate that he normally doesn't. So, it might've been a good chance for him to slow down and regroup." Torii Hunter: "Somebody not pay that bill?" ON THE PERFORMANCE OF JOHN LACKEY: Jarrod Saltalamacchia: "I've seen him go out there with 95, 96, crisper, like that game against Baltimore. That was the best I've seen his stuff. But as far as the situation tonight and what he was up against, yeah, I mean, that was huge. Big game." Jake Peavy, specifically on the fact that the talk surrounding this game all related to Tigers starter Justin Verlander: "We had a guy going tonight who has been there, done it and has a chance. There was just no talk. It was almost like there was no talk of we even having a starting pitcher going out there. Talking to John, it's about the guys in this room. And he wants to be a world champion again. ... We'd just been watching this stuff all day and it was like we didn't even have a starting pitcher going today. I didn't hear John Lackey's name mentioned the last 48 hours. It just amazes me that somebody with the back of his baseball card, his resume, gets overlooked in a game like this. It has nothing to do with the way he pitched or anything else, other than he was ready for this stage and he delivered." David Ross: "Honestly guys, you guys may be shocked, but nobody in here is. That guy has been one of our most consistent pitchers all year. He had something to prove coming off an injury. He had some tough years when he was pitching hurt. I think he's had that about him every time. He's a passionate pitcher and every time expects good things. He was a No. 1." David Ortiz: "We'€™re having dinner last night and he sat down and didn'€™t say a word. He'€™s been like that since last night. I was like, damn, son. It'€™s unbelievable. His pitches were where he wanted. We all know that we'€™re facing a good team. that'€™s what we need." ON JUSTIN VERLANDER'S PERFORMANCE: Jarrod Saltalamacchia: "We knew what we were up against. I don't think anybody was thinking that we were going to walk all over this game and win. I think we all knew we were going to have to battle and grind, just like we did tonght. That's what made Lack's start even bigger was the fact that we knew we weren't going to get a lot of runs. We had to pitch." Jonny Gomes on breaking up the no-hitter with two outs in the fifth: "Where's there smoke there's fire. Where there's no smoke, there's no fire. I didn't think this team would have to scratch out the first hit in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings. But this is how this thing has been written up." Torii Hunter: "He'€™s lights out. He'€™s pitching like the Verlander of old. The one I hated to face. Today, we just couldn'€™t score any runs for him. One run? You'€™ve got to score to win and we couldn'€™t do it." ON THE HOMER BY MIKE NAPOLI: Torii Hunter: "One home run, one run, I can'€™t believe it. It'€™s crazy. One run between both sides." David Ortiz: "I just like winning. when I saw that one going over the fence, it made a difference. That'€™s how we won the game." Dustin Pedroia: "That was sick, huh? That'€™s a great swing. They don'€™t just hand out MVPs to pitchers. That'€™s how good he is. Big win for us." Jonny Gomes: "That's Mike Napoli. We saw it over 20 times this year. We've seen it a whole bunch in the past. That's what he's going to do. You're talking about a guy who's protecting a future Hall of Famer in David Ortiz. That bat gets through the zone hot. Power on power right there." Justin Verlander: "The reason why I went fastball there '€“ to be honest, it was between fastball and slider, and those were the two pitches where he'€™d had success with Napoli. He hadn'€™t really caught up to his fastball up until that pitch. That one was a little lower than the previous ones. You want to make a quality pitch, and you don'€™t want to walk him. That one just came back over the middle a little more, and he hit it." ON JUNICHI TAZAWA'S STRIKEOUT OF MIGUEL CABRERA WITH ONE OUT AND THE TYING RUN ON THIRD IN THE EIGHTH INNING: Junichi Tazawa (through translator C.J. Matsumoto): "He's such a good hitter. I was aware that giving up a sacrifice fly is not the worst thing to happen, but for the team, it was probably not the best thing to happen. When I got ahead, I was thinking, 'I'm getting a strikeout.' " Jarrod Saltalamacchia: "It's probably the biggest out of the game. Knowing Cabrera and knowing that he's such an RBI machine, any chance he gets in that situation it seems like he never fails, he's always going to succeed. Taz coming in, he was smart. He came in and mixed up his slide steps, really kind of kept him off balance to where he couldn't get his timing down. Obviously made great pitches, 95-96 right there on the corner. Huge, huge out." David Ross: "There's a whole lot of prayer going on when you got Miguel Cabrera with a guy at third, one out. You're like man, a double play would be nice here. You don't see that guy strike out much or expand the zone. Taz did a good job, they stayed with their game plan." ON KOJI UEHARA'S FOUR-OUT SAVE: David Ortiz: "Unbelievable. That dude is filthy. He'€™s unbelievable. It'€™s nasty. I don'€™t know how he does it. Thank God we've got him." ON WHAT LIES AHEAD: David Ortiz: "Hungry, man. We've got to come back hungry. This game can change at any time. Keep coming back and play like we have the past couple of games and keep going at it." Craig Breslow: "This team does a really good job of maintaining objectivity, understanding that yesterday'€™s game is exactly that, yesterday, and tonight is another challenge. We'€™ll come out tomorrow ready to play, the offense will grind through at-bats, the defense will be solid, and we'€™ll get a great outing from Peavy." Torii Hunter: "It hurts at the moment, but we'€™re going to come back tomorrow, and we'€™re going to have amnesia. We'€™re professionals. If you don'€™t have amnesia, you'€™ll be out of this game, because you can'€™t dwell on what happened already."