Gary DiSarcina: Allen Webster has most dominant potential of Sox' Triple-A pitching prospects

January 17, 2014 - 2:41 am

As the manager of the Red Sox' Triple-A team in Pawtucket in 2013, Gary DiSarcina saw a compelling group of pitchers making its way across the top rung of the minor league ladder. The pitching prospects who stopped in Triple-A for varying durations included right-handers like Brandon Workman, Rubby De La Rosa, Anthony Ranaudo and Matt Barnes along with a one-start cameo by left-hander Drake Britton. Yet when asked to identify the pitcher who has the most big league impact potential, DiSarcina -- in an interview on WEEI's Hot Stove show -- had little trouble identifying one arm that separated himself from the rest. "When Allen Webster is right, when Allen Webster is finishing his pitches, he was the most impactful, dominant right-hander that we saw," said DiSarcina. "One of the best matchups that we saw in the International League was (Pirates prospect and 2011 No. 1 overall pick) Gerritt Cole vs. Allen Webster, and Webster beat him, 3-2 or 3-1 -- a real tight, low-scoring game. If Allen can put it together and iron out some delivery issues and just finishing his pitches, he's dominant with the heavy, heavy sinker. "Ranaudo and Barnes are young kids. They need to start doing the little things to polish them off in terms of holding runners, fielding the position, good game awareness and sticking to the game plan. Those guys were real young when they came up. Workman was tremendous. I think we had him for five starts, and four of them were pretty good with one clunker that he threw in there. But his ability to grind and have that attitude where he's a bulldog, he basically thrived on the competition. Ranaudo did the same thing. Saw a lot of that in Workman and Ranaudo, where they lived for that day to pitch, that fifth day. Workman and Ranaudo really just live for that day. It's their day. It's really old-schoolish. ... You love to see that in young pitchers where they're living for that day. ... Matt Barnes has really good life in his arm. It's tough to pick one out (as the best prospect). They're all so different individually. But I saw Allen Webster the most. If he's on and he can straighten out some things, he can be the most dominating one." To hear DiSarcina's complete interview on WEEI's Hot Stove show, click here.