Giants assistant GM Bobby Evans suggested some skepticism about his team's chances of landing free agent pitcher Jon Lester. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Giants assistant GM Bobby Evans on Jon Lester pursuit: SF 'probably in the back seat of this deal right now'

December 09, 2014 - 11:18 am

SAN DIEGO -- While some have viewed the Giants as an emerging favorite in the sweepstakes for free agent left-hander Jon Lester, assistant GM Bobby Evans said on Tuesday that while his club remained engaged with the 30-year-old, he believed that his club is "probably in the back seat of this deal right now," with Lester seemingly drawn to his significant pre-existing relationships with the Red Sox and Cubs. "I think that ultimately Jon has a tough decision to make," said Evans. "You have a player who's very passionate about his teammates in Boston, he's very passionate about the relationships he has with maybe two clubs, including the Cubs, so therefore I think it makes it a harder decision. We at some level may be in the back seat right now. That's understandable because there are some good options for him." Evans said that the Giants delegation that met with Lester in the Atlanta area wanted to convey their high regard for the pitcher, the appeal of pitching in their run-suppressing home environment and the opportunity to work with a highly regarded catcher in Buster Posey, who has been part of three championship teams. Still, Evans said that the Giants are mindful that they can't match Lester's history with the Red Sox or the members of the Cubs front office. "I think there are some things that are attractive about our situation, but I think heartstrings can play a role there," said Evans. "I know that he's a passionate guy and I think he's got some strong and deep relationships with really two clubs at this point in Chicago and in Boston. We put our best foot forward and hope there's an opportunity to draw him to us because we think he's a game-changer. "[But] I feel we're probably in the back seat of this deal right now. I feel like there are some other guys driving this, and probably we're staying in it but I'm not sure how strongly we're a consideration considering the other options." Evans said that he "wouldn't expect" a decision from Lester on Tuesday. "No timeline," he said. "We want it sooner than later but we understand he's got a decision to make and it's not an easy one."