Goodell vs. Vick Round One

July 23, 2009 - 6:30 am

The last time Michael Vick threw a touchdown pass was Dec. 31, 2006 in a 24-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The seven-yard pass to Warrick Dunn in the first quarter of the last game of the regular season was the last time we would see Vick throw a pass for the next two and a half years. On Monday, Vick served the last day of his 23-month sentence, the last two through home confinement, for dogfighting charges. The ankle bracelet was removed and the media world swarmed in anticipation of his next step. That next step came Wednesday when we learned Vick will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell later this week to discuss his conditional reinstatement to the league conveniently just in time for NFL training camps which begins next week. With PETA peering down Goodell's neck hoping for a psychological examination before the reinstatement, the commissioner has a lot to consider.  While Goodell has heard from animal rights activists that met with Vick during his sentencing many are still not convinced of his remorse. Goodell's speculated that Thursday or Friday session with Vick should get the ball rolling for the ex-Atlanta Falcons quarterback. Assuming all goes well, the indefinite suspension on Vick will be lifted and he will be conditionally reinstated, meaning if signed with a team he could participate in training camp. Yet Goodell will need to make a conclusive reinstatment or a defined suspension period before September 1 when NFL rosters must be finalized. The bigger question floating around the sports world is who will take Vick? The quarterback has only been able to throw around a football in his backyard the past two months under home confinement, and by most accounts, is not NFL ready. While he reportedly hired and worked out today with Tom Shaw, a performance trainer who has trained Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the past, Vick has a lot of work to do in little time. The Jets and Giants have already publicly ruled themselves out of the picture. The Raiders' may have been a viable option -- but dog lover's in their front office may have other opinions. The Patriots have also been on the radar. Bill Belichick may be the best to handle the baggage that comes along with Vick, yet also has his hands full Brady making his own comeback.