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Devin McCourty on Marshawn Lynch via OMF: 'He's still running angry'

Greg Levinsky
November 17, 2017 - 1:20 pm

With a rare opportunity to play outside the country, the New England Patriots prepare for a tilt against the Oakland Raiders.

Patriots safety Devin McCourty joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria to discuss the unique experience of playing in Mexico City. For complete audio of the interview, visit OMF's audio on demand page. 

“It's been a routine week for us," McCourty said. "The good part is just being able to be with each other even if it's just getting something to eat after watching film. It's a lot better that we're all in the same hotel. The best part has been the routine and making this place our home."

The Patriots have the third-best defense in points against in the last five games.

“We knew we had talent, we knew we had guys that can play. We also knew that we needed time to build and get better,” McCourty said. “We always have a lot of turnover and things change. Obviously we wanted to start better but it is what it is and we needed to get better. I think guys put in the work to actually get it done. Hopefully we can show improvement and get better on Sunday.”

The Oakland offense features running back Marshawn Lynch, who came back from retirement. Lynch has rushed for 323 yards and four touchdowns this season, including a 67-yard, two-touchdown performance last week against the Miami Dolphins.

“He’s still running angry,” McCourty said. “He runs like he doesn't think he's supposed to go down. Whether it's throwing guys off of him or running guys over, he still runs with that same edge and that same passion."

Devin McCourty talks about the drastic improvement of the defense over the last 5 weeks, 11-17-17

Devin McCourty joins the show to discuss the change in routine for the Patriots practicing at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and then making a trip to Mexico City for the first time to square off with the tough Oakland Raiders.  Devin then discusses with the guys how the defense has drastically improved over the last five weeks of the season.

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