Halftime - Much Better Second Quarter For Shinskie

October 24, 2009 - 1:24 pm

Well, Dave Shinskie has finally gotten something done on the road. He must of said a prayer to Touch Down Jesus before the game. After his dismal 2-9 performance in the first quarter Shinskie was much better in the second going 7-9 for 101 yards and a 7-yard touchdown pass to senior co-captain Rich Gunnell. On the touchdown drive Shinskie accounted for 100-percent of the Eagles offense as they drove 68 yards in 4:04 to take their first lead of the day 9-6. Shinskie was 4-6 for 75 yards on the drive (the difference in the total drive and Shinskie yards is a 5-yard holding penalty and a run of negative 2 yards by Montel Harris). Harris is being stifled as the Irish defense keys on him going 9 carries for 10 yards on the day. The Fighting Irish came right back and retook the lead 13-9 with a 11-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Clausen to Golden Tate. The Boston College defense is playing well, but it is definitely playing a little soft. Clausen is getting his completions, going 19-27 for 168 yards and the touchdown to Tate. Like the string of good quarterbacks that have come before him, Clausen is using the underneath of the Eagles defense to his advantage to move the ball but also using the sidelines to hit Tate and Duval Kamara.