I don't want to miss a thing

September 26, 2009 - 3:14 pm

Did you catch the game Friday night? No, not the Red Sox-Yankees, though the brewing situation with Jon Lester is certainly worth talking about. Did you see the back-against-the-wall win the Los Angeles Sparks pulled off against the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA Western Conference finals to tie their three-game series at one apiece? You missed it? Well, here's the official Sparks vs. Mercury recap. By all accounts, it was a good game that the Mercury could have won, but the tenaciousness of the Sparks defense kept Los Angeles in the game, forcing a deciding Game 3. Of course, it's a West Coast game, so it started late '€” perhaps too late. But that's OK, because the early game was a come-from-behind victory the Indiana Fever pulled out over the Detroit Shock to tie that series up as well. You should check out the recap. It's interesting to watch other forms of major televised sports. Even though I don't follow the WNBA with any regularity, the few times I've seen the women play, the games have been good. OK, so they don't dunk, and because of that many of the fast-breaks seem a bit anticlimactic. But no one can cast doubt on the intensity with which they play. It's a bit unfortunate that one of the only times the WNBA got some traction in the news was for a brawl that broke out during a game. You probably remember it, as it involved LA's Candace Parker, arguably the face of the WNBA. That incident received a lot of play on various sports news outlets. Now, the league's conference finals are going on and there doesn't appear to be much interest. It's disappointing that the positive achievements of these female athletes are less noteworthy because they come at a time when most sports fans are concerned with baseball pennant races and NFL football. Please, don't confuse this '€” there is nothing wrong with reporting on the sports that people want to see and hear about. We're all concerned and interested to see how the Patriots will defend Tony Gonzalez. It doesn't mean there isn't space to hear more about Lisa Leslie's final season and her push to capture one more title, right? Perhaps there is a local upside to all of this. With Shelden Williams being signed by the Celtics, we may see more of Candace Parker in the city, which can't be a bad thing. Let's just hope the next time a female sporting event makes a headline, it's for athletic ability and sportsmanship. Like Western Oregon and Central Washington.