Ivan Fears on ESPN report about lack of diversity on Patriots staff: 'I don't think Bill [Belichick] really cares about color'

July 27, 2016 - 9:13 am

[caption id="attachment_94900" align="alignright" width="150"]Ivan Fears Ivan Fears[/caption] FOXBORO — On Wednesday, Patriots running backs coach Ivan Fears responded to an ESPN story that singled out New England as having the least diverse coaching staff in the NFL, saying that in his experience, coach Bill Belichick "has been very good" when it comes to seeing past race. Fears listed several minority assistant coaches he's worked with in New England over the last dozen-plus years as examples, including Patrick Graham, Pepper Johnson and Romeo Crennel. "I don't think Bill really cares about color," said Fears, who has worked with Belichick since 2000. "I know how he treats me. I know how he treats the guys on the staff. I think in his mind, really, [if] you do the job, you're here. You work. That's what he is. He's as 'tunnel vision' as a guy can be as far as, 'It's football.' He's not walking around saying, 'You're a black guy. I have to have you. You're a white guy, I have to have you.' "I don't care where we are on that list. Guys who left, left on their own. And I think that's important." For more Patriots news, check out weei.com/patriots.