Jackie Bradley Jr.

For Jackie Bradley Jr., 0-for-5 night in Pawtucket represents 'some good signs'

August 19, 2014 - 4:28 am

PAWTUCKET -- Jackie Bradley Jr. didn't have to play on Monday. When players are sent down from the big leagues to Triple-A, manager Kevin Boles will check in with them and determine whether they're ready to play or whether they need a day to take stock of what has transpired en route to a demotion and to get their bearings. Bradley showed up in Pawtucket ready to go to work. "It was very encouraging to talk to him," Boles said before the game. "I said, "What would you like to do today?' and he said, 'I want to be in the lineup right away.' So he's got the right attitude. He had a real nice [pregame] workout out there. Very encouraging." The postgame box score was less so. Bradley went 0-for-5 with a groundout to second, a well-struck fly ball near the warning track in right-center in his second plate appearance, a two-out, bases-loaded pop-up to shallow left in his third plate appearance and swinging strikeouts in each of his final two trips to the plate, showing some of the length in his swing that prompted the Sox' decision to send him down. Yet there were silver linings in some of his swings. And, more broadly, the day represented a beginning of the commitment to work in order to restore the hitter who produced such a consistent track record in the minors prior to 2014. "He drove that ball to center field. It looked like he put a good pass on it. And his timing looked pretty good," said Boles. :It was only a first look, but we saw some good signs from him. Pretty impressive."