Jackie Bradley Jr. on The Bradfo Show: 'They want to see the 'fro'

May 16, 2014 - 7:25 am
Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. joined Rob Bradford on The Bradfo Show on Thursday to talk about the debut of his new hairstyle on Saturday. To hear the podcast, go the Bradfo Show audio on demand page. It's been nearly two years since Bradley's last haircut, resulting in the signature cornrows he's sported on a daily basis. But after some persistence from his teammates, Bradley has decided to let his hair out for Saturday's game at Fenway Park against Detroit. "A lot of the guys one the team have talked with me and they want to see the '€˜fro," Bradley said. "They want to see what the hair looks like when it's out and untamed, so you have to give them when they ask for." Why Saturday? Bradley said he wants to debut the new look for John Lackey, who will start for the Sox that night and has been one of the biggest proponents of the afro. "Whatever the cowboy says, he gets," Bradley said. Bradley said the process of unbraiding his hair is a tedious one, which is why he goes to the salon to get it done, but he's excited to finally let his hair down. "It'€™s going to be epic. I'€™m looking forward to showing you all what it looks like," he said. "I'€™ll make sure that it'€™s blow dried out for you, because I have curly hair, so if I wash it, it'€™s not going to look as big. But if I dry it and actually pick it out, it has some distance." The change in hairstyle will require some major adjustments, most notably a change in hat and helmet size. "There'€™s definitely going to be adjustments," Bradley said. "I did the Juan Pierre-style, as in the hat under the helmet, because early on in the season my helmet was falling off a lot. I tried to make some adjustments, and having the hat under my helmet, it worked. It kept my helmet on for the most part. "Now with the hair out I'€™m going to have to get a different hat size, different helmet size and the helmet might come off, but thing I have a lot of hair to protect it." Bradley hasn't always had long hair, however. He kept his hair short up until two years ago, and said it required serious commitment to continue to let it grow for such a long time. "I've always had short hair, and just thought one day that I'€™m going to let it grow," he said. "I've tried to let it grow at certain times when I was younger, but eventually it gets to that awkward stage where you'€™re like, 'I just can'€™t take it.' So I just had the mindset where I had to get past the awkward stage and not cut it before then." Now that he's committed, his appreciation for his hair has grown significantly as well. "I feel like it's a part of me now, so I'm just going to go with it now until a change needs to be done," he said.