Jake Peavy on rumors: 'I don't think people are making stuff up'

July 08, 2014 - 7:41 pm

Red Sox right-hander Jake Peavy addressed his presence in trade rumors after his team's 8-3 loss to the White Sox on Tuesday night that dropped Boston 12 games below .500. For now, Peavy remains with the Red Sox, as Brandon Workman has been optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket to clear a roster spot for Rubby De La Rosa to make his start on Wednesday. That said, Peavy acknowledged that the rumors that have becoming more pronounced throughout recent days about his potentially being dealt to another club appear to have substance. "I don't know the chances [of being traded]. I can't really worry about it. I don't know what to expect. I certainly expect probably the same thing everyone in here talking to me probably expects," said Peavy. "I would think [there is substance to the rumors] at this point in time. Just, I don't think people are making stuff up and throwing it out there. You respect what you hear. I don't read anything. I don't know what's out there. I just know that I'm getting a lot of texts and calls, people speaking to me about it. We obviously have got to respect the reality of that situation. At the same time, I just hear from my representation and [GM Ben Cherington] to where your head stays out of all those rumors and all that stuff." Peavy said that he has spoken to Cherington about the possibility of being dealt. Given that he's been moved at the deadline twice before (from the Padres to the White Sox in 2009, then from the White Sox to the Red Sox last year), he is prepared for the possibility of once again moving. "I have spoke to Ben, just getting a pulse on things,"  said Peavy. "I think when you get to this point, it's a mutual respect thing of, hey, this is where I stand and this is where we stand. It's nice to not be blindsided by anything, to kind of have some feel. I certainly would never disclose anything that's personal conversation until the day comes that we have to. That's just out of respect for the process. I'm here. I'm still happy to be here, although an unfortunate situation we're under. But be here tomorrow, Lord willing, and get to work. "It's an unfortunate situation to have to sit here and talk about the reality of the situation we're in. But at the end of the day, I want everybody to know, as my teammates know, when you have to have this, there's obviously going to be talk. My focus and every bit of my energy will be spent giving my effort to beat Houston Saturday night," said Peavy. "I got ready for Houston today, threw a bullpen in preparation for that. I love this place. If it happens, I'm certainly prepared for that. I'm not blind to the fact. At the same time, I've been through this before and I understand what it -- it's part of being a professional. If you're going to say you're a professional and take pride in it, you have to show up to work and give your heart and soul to your team. I promise you that that will be my focus. After tonight, I really don't want to comment on speculation. There's no reason for me to comment on what I heard or anything like that. I've talked to the team and my representation will be in contact. Ben and those guys, since I've been here, have been outstanding." The fact that the Sox find themselves in this position -- potentially dealing veterans, at a time when the team sits in last place, has left the players, in Peavy's words, "heartbroken." The rumors swirling around him underscore the team's plight, chiefly, that winning the division represents no more than the faintest of possibilities. Asked if the struggles during the current homestand -- during which the Sox have lost five games to the two Chicago teams and lost two of three to the first-place Orioles -- represented a "death knell" for the team's postseason prospects, Peavy did not protest. "I certainly would have to agree that we've made things awfully tough for ourselves from our goals in spring training, and that's to win the East and get in the playoffs. We've made that a huge challenge. I think everyone understands that," said Peavy. "At the same time, being a pro, like we've talked about, job is just to show up and win tomorrow and see what happens. Then we'll try to win Thursday. We had that approach last year. Nothing's changed. We haven't not had that approach this year. Just, we haven't played quite as well on all sides of the ball. Yeah, I'd have to agree with that." Peavy spent parts of eight years with the Padres, then four full years with the White Sox before changing teams. Yet after spending just under a year with the Red Sox, he said he feels just as emotionally invested in Boston. That means two things: He loves playing for the Sox, but he also accepts that if the organization feels it can improve in any way by dealing him, he will harbor no ill will towards it. "My love for the Boston Red Sox will be unbreakable," said Peavy. "What we did last year was all I ever dreamed of doing. When you do that, this place is held in the highest regard it could ever be held in. That being said, I will always want to do what's best for the Boston Red Sox. That could very possibly be me being moved to save money for the Boston Red Sox or get a player or two or create roster space for somebody to come up and take my spot. That's the reality of the situation. I'll always want to do what's best for Boston, although when I told you about what was so special about last year was the brotherhood that I have with 10 or so guys on this team, and I take pride on being a man, but I hope all y'all aren't around to see me cry like a baby, because if that day does come, it's going to be tough for me to look some guys in the eye and not know that they're going to be on this team."