Jared Remy brags to investigator about attacking fellow inmate

April 08, 2014 - 10:17 am

According to a criminal complaint released Tuesday, Jared Remy attacked a fellow inmate last Thursday at the Cambridge Jail by throwing hot coffee in his face and then striking him several times with a plastic chair and punching him. The investigator's report indicates that video surveillance shows Remy, son of NESN Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, throwing hot coffee at Jemery Hodges, then throwing a bar of soap at him before striking him with a chair six times and punching him. "I was watching TV and minding my own business when Remy threw hot coffee in my face," Hodges told the investigator. "I never had any words with Remy, and I don't know who he is." Remy made it clear he had no regret about the attack. "I did what I had to do," he told a jail employee. "I got a child molester. I hit him [with] a chair and threw hot coffee on him." Remy later told the investigator that he "picked on the biggest guy there" to make a statement to other inmates, and because he thought Hodges was a child molester who was "parading around like a homo." Said Remy: "I had a plan and I did it. I took hot water, boiling hot water and threw it in the guy's face. I took a piece of soap and threw it at his face and hit him with a chair. Once I slipped I punched him in the face." Hodges was taken to the medical unit with burn marks on his face and multiple superficial cuts on his left hand. Remy, who faces murder charges for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death last August, will face nine assault charges, including eight felony counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, in the new incident when he is arraigned April 24. "There is a constellation of circumstances that may be at the bottom of this incident, and I expect to investigate the matter fully and prepare an adequate defense," Remy's attorney, Edward P. Ryan Jr., told the media. Also according to the criminal complaint, Remy was attacked March 31 by another inmate but refused to press charges, saying: "I'd rather take a punch in the face every day living on the tiers earning respect than living in protective custody."