Jerry Remy on D&C: Dealing Red Sox made right move to 'go for it' this year

July 31, 2013 - 6:31 am

NESN Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy joined Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday to discuss the Red Sox' trade for Jake Peavy and what the Red Sox are giving up in Jose Iglesias. Remy said that he thinks the Red Sox made the right move trading for Peavy because it is a sign that they are going for a chance at a championship this season. '€œWhen you get a chance to go for it, then you go for it,'€ Remy said. '€œThey have got a chance this year. We have seen all of the American League East teams, we have seen how strong the pitching is for Tampa Bay, and I think that the Red Sox need depth in their pitching. In the bullpen there are already guys from Pawtucket up here that are performing very well but you'€™re on a thin line in case one of those guys gets hurt. Where do you go from there? I think when you'€™ve got a chance like they do '€” and they show in the clubhouse that they feel like they'€™ve got a chance to win '€” then you go for it.'€ Peavy was one of two top-level starting pitchers that had reportedly interested the Red Sox entering the trade deadline, as Cliff Lee was also mentioned in multiple trade rumors. However, Peavy'€™s connection with Red Sox pitching coach Juan Nieves, along with his cheaper price, could be a reason he is with Boston now. '€œI know Peavy was on the radar screen '€¦ because Juan Nieves was his coach over in Chicago last year and he loves Peavy,'€ Remy said. '€œThere is a relationship there and I know earlier in the year I remember him talking about it and how much he liked him and how much he admired him. We will see how it turns out, but the fact is that they'€™ve got something done with the pitching because basically Buchholz is not going to get back until September.'€ As for what the Red Sox are giving up, Remy said he had not heard any rumors involving Iglesias leading up to the deadline. However, with Xander Bogaerts apparently close to ready at Triple-A, Iglesias became expendable, according to Remy. '€œI think that if they didn'€™t have Bogaerts there then they probably wouldn'€™t have included Iglesias in the deal,'€ Remy said. '€œBut with him there, I think a lot of people rate him higher than Iglesias as a major league prospect and a guy that can get it done in the major leagues. '€œ[Iglesias] is not going to be a .400 or a .300 hitter. He is going to probably fall somewhere in the range of a .250, .260, .270 hitter, I think. His glove is absolutely outstanding. Some of the quickest hands I have ever seen from a shortstop or a third baseman. I don'€™t know where he is going to end up as a major leaguer. I think more highly of him now than I did a year ago at this time, but I still can'€™t project where this guy is going to end up offensively.'€ To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at