Jim Rice, A True Legend

July 24, 2009 - 5:59 am
Jim Rice was a great baseball player who achieved many remarkable achievements not shown by statistics, but in honor of his Hall of Fame induction this weekend and number being retired by the Red Sox next week, LEEINKS is looking back to some other things that Jim Rice has done over the years. This video details the story of a man who was saved by Rice when he was just a young child attending a game at Fenway Park. Dan Kennedy explains here in his blog called Media Nation, that Rice made his personal Hall of Fame that day that he saved the boy. This story, which appeared in Sports Illustrated in April of 1979, tells of how Rice went down to South Carolina to attend a chamber breakfast even on the day that he signed a contract with the Red Sox and had business to attend to in Boston. This Times Union columnist (curiously with the name of another baseball player on the Hall of Fame ballot) brings up what Rice really feels about his teams back in the 70'€™s and how he keeps everything old school, even his speech for this weekend. Well no matter how you look at Rice, it seems that everyone has an opinion. I think David Letterman was trying to cast him in a bright light as he told this curious story: