Joe Maddon on Jon Lester sweepstakes: 'Just wait for the white smoke'

December 09, 2014 - 2:26 pm

SAN DIEGO -- Cubs manager Joe Maddon said that he doesn't know where free agent Jon Lester might end up or when he might make his decision. But the new Chicago skipper, whose club is one of the finalists for the left-hander's services, said that he soon expects an indication of Lester's intentions. "I'm sure it's not going to be much longer, I don't think that it would be, but I have no information or knowledge about that. You talk about it, you just wait for the white smoke," said Maddon. "I hope we win it. My role has been to '€‘'€‘ I spoke to him on the phone once. I've never spoken to Jon before that, adversarially with the Rays and the Red Sox for many years, always admired his work from a distance. This is a guy when the game is really big he was always at his best. To possibly get this opportunity to work with him for the first time is very exciting. So I honest to God don't know where this is at right now. I did talk to him before '€‘'€‘ I think it was before Thanksgiving, actually. We had a great conversation, again, because I'd never really spoke with him before. It would be a great boon to us to have this come off. "Can't have any more respect for a baseball player than we do for him now," added Maddon, who managed against Lester with the Rays over the last nine seasons. "For us to be able to pull this off it would be pretty outstanding."