Joe Maddon on the Red Sox-Rays skirmishes: 'It's over'

May 31, 2014 - 3:04 pm
Joe Maddon hopes that there is no carryover from Friday night's skirmishes between the Red Sox and Rays. While Maddon can hope nothing happens, the Rays skipper says he cannot say that he doesn't expect anything to go down between the two teams on Saturday. Considering the team's considerable recent history, it would not be out of the picture for another skirmish to go down between the two teams on Saturday. Maddon believes that a lot of Friday's events were very heat of the moment. "I want to just get back to playing baseball, believe me I do," Maddon said. "Obviously we've been struggling a bit. I want the emphasis to be on the fact that we need to go out and play a better game of baseball on a nightly basis and get back into the hunt right here because we are still not out of it by any means so I want the emphasis to be on playing baseball. I don't want little grudges or whatever. I'm not into that, quite frankly. I've never been into that. Let's just go play baseball and again, from our perspective, for me it's over. From us, it's over, but we'll see how it all plays out." At the time of his meeting with the media, Maddon said the managers had not yet met with the umpiring crew about pre-game warnings. "I don't know about yesterday," Maddon said. "Let me put it this way, I would not have been surprised had they spoken to us about that possibility. They chose to go that route. I don't think anybody should point any fingers at them. It wasn't the umpire's fault by any means. I thought they did a great job yesterday. It happened, but I do anticipate something today." After hearing David Ortiz's reaction after Friday's game, Maddon believed that the outburst was completely understandable. "I'm into freedom of speech very heavily around here," Maddon said. "There is a heavy emotion being carried with you at that particular moment. It would almost be better if you could just wait to the next day to interview people. I've been guilty of that moment myself. Surprised? Not really. Blame him? Not really. Does it happen? Absolutely. That's part of what we do here. I know it's all part of the entertainment industry that we are part of also so I'm sure a lot of fans dug it a little bit, but again, I don't fault anybody, I don't blame anybody. It's an emotional game played by some really great athletes. Also indicates to a certain level how much they care and how much they want to win."