John Farrell on D&H: 'We're turning the page in terms of investing in young players'

July 09, 2014 - 11:56 am
Red Sox manager John Farrell joined Dale & Holley on Wednesday afternoon to discuss A.J. Pierzynski's departure, the current state of the club and trade rumors regarding Jake Peavy. To listen to the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page. Pierzynski was designated for assignment Wednesday afternoon, a roster move that Farrell confirmed during his appearance. Farrell said that Pierzynski, who hit .254 with four home runs and 31 RBIs while posting a .286 OBP in 72 games this year, was not made expendable due to his personality or performance at the plate, but due to the need to bring up more youth to the club, as Pawtucket catcher Christian Vazquez will be called up and and get the start behind the plate for Wednesday night's game. "It's at that point in the season where you start to look to invest in young players and take advantage of the games remaining for us," Farrell said. "We look to players who might be here beyond this season, and in that case it's Christian Vazquez, who's behind the plate here tonight." Farrell continued: "This has been a matter of us taking a look internally at, what are the players we're going to continue to build forward with? And we've started with what's taken place behind the plate." While Farrell said that the team is not mailing it in this season, he acknowledged that the team is making a move to look to the future by playing some of the organization's most promising players. "We're turning the page in terms of investing in young players," Farrell said. "We've had a number of young players in starting roles for the vast majority of this season. I wouldn't say that the white flag is being waved, because inside our clubhouse, I can honestly tell you that feeling does not exist. This is a matter of how we're going to go out and beat Chris Sale tonight." Another Boston player could be on the move, as Peavy has been linked to numerous trade rumors over the past few weeks. While it seems like even Peavy has accepted his fate, Farrell said that it's not a foregone conclusion that the righty will be moved. "I think the one thing you have to categorize rumors is is just that," Farrell said. "This is a time of year when that's really going to start to gain legs around the game -- no different than here where you've got veteran guys on a team that we've got a hole to dig out of. My full expectation is Jake Peavy is in our uniform and will remain there." Scenarios revolving around the team shipping off some of its short-term assets has become a hot topic recently, as Boston sits in last place in the AL East with a 39-51 record. With the team in the midst of a 1-7 homestand, Farrell said that the team's recent performance has changed the way some within the organization have come to view this season. "I think, based on the conversations we've had internally and with the trading deadline looming, we felt like we had to make a little bit of a move northward with the gap between us and Baltimore to close that somewhat," Farrell said. "Not that we're trying to put any more added pressure on a 10-game stretch, but it has a bearing on some decisions that Ben [Cherington] and others are going to have to make." Farrell later added: "I can't speak for Ben, but I can say that we're getting to the point where the trading deadline is nearing, so with that in mind, Ben is doing what's best for our team and what's best for the organization, and if that means that changes are forthcoming, that can very well be the case." For more Red Sox news, go the team page at