John Farrell: 'The game is ready' for more replay

August 15, 2013 - 4:30 pm
Red Sox manager John Farrell expressed enthusiasm for the news that Major League Baseball plans to implement an expanded system of video replay to review umpires' calls starting in 2014 (pending the approval of owners, the Players' Association and the umpires). Farrell has spoken on multiple occasions this season about his hope that the game would embrace the readily available video to get calls right, and so, with news of a system that would permit managers three challenges a game (no more than one in the first six innings, and two more starting in the seventh), it came as little surprise that the Sox manager offered his imprimatur. "Just in general the inclusion of video replay I think is good for the game. I think the game is ready for additional technology to be brought in," Farrell told reporters in Toronto. "I don'€™t know that any manager wants to argue [calls]. I think everyone wants calls to be accurate and the human element is always going to be involved but now we have the potential for a system that not only challenges but hopefully gets a higher percentage correct."