John Farrell: Grady Sizemore 'a tough person to part ways with'

June 17, 2014 - 12:51 pm

Two months into his comeback tour after missing two seasons, Grady Sizemore saw his tenure with the Red Sox likely come to an end Tuesday. Sizemore, who had a strong spring training, struggled at the plate, batting .216 with 10 doubles, two triples, two home runs and 15 RBIs in 52 games. Sizemore signed a one-year deal with Boston as a free agent on Jan. 22. Red Sox manager John Farrell said that many of the factors leading to Sizemore's designation, such as Daniel Nava's recent resurgence at the plate and Brock Holt's performance in 2014, were out of the outfielder's control. "[The discussion to designate Sizemore started] probably in the last couple of days, knowing that we have a lot of moving parts that are going to place this week," Farrell said. "Out of respect to Grady, we wanted to make the decision sooner rather than later if there are other opportunities out there for him, so this kind of evolved over the last couple of days." Farrell said that while there were glimpses that Sizemore was returning to his previous form, there were also setbacks at the plate that seemingly resulted from the outfielder not having played baseball at the major league level for two years. "We were down in Atlanta where it felt like some of the explosiveness of the body was getting there," Farrell said. "The bat speed showed pretty well. And then there were other times where he was susceptible to decent fastballs followed by some decent changeups and a little bit caught in the mix, whether that is because of two years of not playing to then not being able to get regular at-bats. He'€™s a little bit of a victim of maybe some things around him out of his control with Nava'€™s resurgence and Brock Holt swinging the bat as he has -- overall our need to continue to improve the roster." The Red Sox and Sizemore have not yet discussed whether or not an assignment to Triple-A is possible. If no team claims Sizemore in the next 10 days, Sizemore can be optioned to Pawtucket if both sides are in agreement. Sizemore also can opt to become a free agent and test the open market. Despite Sizemore's designation, Farrell had nothing but positive things to say about the 31-year-old. "Grady Sizemore is about all the good things in this game, from his performance to the person he is to the work ethic, the way he plays the game," Farrell said. "He's an exceptional person, and this is a tough person to part ways with, a guy of his caliber. He is trying to do something that I don't know has been done in the game before, and we commended him on his work ethic in trying to get back to the level of previous."