John Farrell

John Farrell on MFB: 'Probably likely' Dustin Pedroia inactive for remainder of season

September 10, 2014 - 7:01 am

Red Sox manager John Farrell, making his weekly WEEI appearance Wednesday, told Middays with MFB that Dustin Pedroia is "probably likely" to miss the rest of the season due to an injury to his left hand/wrist. To hear the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page. Pedroia, in the midst of a subpar offensive season (.278/.337/.376), had an MRI on Tuesday that revealed inflammation in the wrist. The 30-year-old was scheduled to meet with team representatives Wednesday to determine a course of action. "Nothing has been arranged as far as surgery," Farrell said. "Information is still being gathered. There's not been a final, like I said, target date or decision in this way. It's pointing towards him having the procedure done. So, whether or not he remains inactive -- it's probably likely he is inactive the rest of the way. This injury is the latest in a series of issues with Pedroia's hands. He had surgery on his left thumb last offseason. "Let's face it, he's had a number of collisions, headfirst slides, a number of things that have affected the hands, and he's dealing with it in the left hand right now," Farrell said. "We look at it like, if this procedure is needed, which, the initial reports -- and let's face it, surgery is always something you have to be concerned with, but ... the severity of it is not like a high-risk situation with him. "So, we look at it like if there's a chance to get an additional two weeks of recovery time so he can get into some strength training throughout the winter and go through a normal offseason workout program as he gets into later November and beyond, that's probably the avenue chosen here. "What Dustin means to us is obvious. This is the heartbeat of our team, and we've got to get him back to 100 percent as soon as we can." Pedroia's current issue appears to have been caused by multiple incidents this season. "This has probably been the accumulation of a couple of things," Farrell said. "One was on Opening Day when he landed on his wrist after turning a double play. There was one midseason, I believe against Baltimore when they were in town here, where he was taken out on a play at second base and fell on the wrist at that point. And this was in addition to the repair work that was done after the headfirst slide Opening Day in 2013 in New York. A couple of things have compiled on it. "Where he feels it the most is when he follows through on his swing. Anytime he rotates his hand outward it continues to irritate it. For a hitter, that's got to be corrected." Farrell said the team has confidence that if Pedroia does have this procedure, there should not be any lingering issues. "Based on the feedback from our medical staff so far, this should be corrected and he should be able to regain full strength," he said. "We know that Dustin's going to do whatever he can to get back to that. I think the recommendations and the prognosis going forward is very positive." Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at On the possibility of Mookie Betts moving to second base, a position he played in the minors: "Right now, because of the changes we've taken Mookie through positionally, I think it's best to leave him in the outfield. I will say this: In an emergency situation, we would move him back in the infield. '€¦ But to say that we're going to shift positions on him now, we're trying to get the best read on him with his reads and routes in the outfield, and I think it would probably be a little bit of a mixed message for Mookie if we were to look to shift him back in the field. Brock Holt's getting closer to returning to the field for us. He would get the majority of the reps at second base and finish things out." On Koji Uehara: "The current status with Koji is he threw an extended bullpen yesterday. He will pitch out of the bullpen this weekend in Kansas City in lower-leverage situations. This has all been part of a plan we mapped out. It's our goal to get him back to close out games before the season is out. Koji's on board with it. Physically, there's no physical ailments. '€¦ Koji feels fine. He's upbeat, he's positive. He needed a little bit of a breather, we were able to provide it. And looking forward to making these last two weeks meaningful to answer some questions for Koji, for us to get a better read on it. We have a strong desire to being him back as our closer next year." On Rusney Castillo, who is participating in the Triple-A playoffs with Pawtucket: "He'll play the series out. Actually, he'll play today before he's got a scheduled off day, so this will be the first time he goes back-to-back days in center field. We'll try to get every available at-bat for him in Pawtucket before he comes to us. Then the step after our regular season is over, we want to continue that in-game play, so whether that's in a fall league or whether that's a winter league somewhere, there'll be further at-bats had before he shuts down this winter." On the possibility of Will Middlebrooks playing winter ball: "Right now it'€™s incomplete. There'€™s not a spot that is secured for him yet. I think Will recognizes where he'€™s at in terms of at-bats missed, how important they are and what we'€™re trying to get across. That'€™s an ongoing conversation still at this point." On what Middlebrooks needs to work on: "The conversation centering around Will, when you look back to what he was so good at when he first came to the big leagues, he was so good into right-center field and drove balls into that area with authority. And he did have the ability to react to some pitches in. We'€™re still working daily to try to get back to that approach. And I think that allows him to stay on some breaking balls that right now have given him some trouble, or some pitches on the outside part of the plate where there'€™s been some swing and miss. I'€™m not saying that he'€™s been dead-pull, because he'€™s gotten some base hits the other way, but when he first came up he was so good into right-center field and really covering the whole field. We'€™re trying to get back to that all-field approach." On Clay Buchholz's recent improvement: "When he came back off the DL there was improved stuff overall, so his velocity picked up some as did his action to his two-seamer. And I think because of that, it'€™s given him some confidence to attack the strike zone early, work ahead in the counts. And he'€™s been on a run that, to me, is very reminiscent of what he did first half of last year. And he'€™s pitched with a lot of confidence. You see him throw that sinker, front-door two-seamer to a left-hander, and he'€™s locking some guys up. That's, from the dugout view, that's when we know Clay is locked in from a delivery standpoint as well as confidence."