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Lou Merloni: 'An absolute disgrace' John Farrell has not apologized to Dennis Eckersley

John Hand
July 26, 2017 - 11:25 am

On Tuesday, Red Sox manager John Farrell admitted to never having apologized to Dennis Eckersley for the David Price incident during an interview with Dale & Holley with Keefe. Today, Rich ‘Ryan’ Keefe joined former major leaguer Lou Merloni on the midday show to discuss the Price incident. To hear the full conversation, go to the OM&F audio on demand page.

“John Farrell hasn’t apologized to Eck, which I think is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace,” Merloni said. “But he hasn’t for a reason, so what is that reason? Is it because he feels that he apologizes to Eck than Price comes to him and says, ‘Dude you’re siding with Eck. You think I did something wrong here. Screw you.’ Bradford said yesterday that the conversation with David Price up in Toronto was what are you doing, you’re being an idiot. What I’m saying is if you had that talk with him and said that was stupid David, then you should feel it’s still okay for me to go to Eck and apologize for the way this went down without back stabbing my player, without turning my back to a player. So, is that why he feels like now he’s never going to apologize to Eck because if he does then he feels like he doesn’t have the back of David Price regardless whether he thinks he acts like a child or not.”

Merloni suggested Farrell sitting Price as a solution to this situation just like Jimmy Williams did to Pedro Martinez in 1999.

Martinez's benching came August 15, while Martinez was in the midst of a Cy Young campagin. 

“We had this conversation with Braford said yesterday, what are you going to do, what are you going to do. I said take him off the mound. He’s like 'You can’t do that, people don’t do that.' He’s like tell me one example. Within, I don’t know, one second I said Pedro Martinez, a team I was on, who teammates were getting annoyed with because he was showing up late,” Merloni said. “He was showing up late for batting practice, usually never showing up for BP. Guys were just like we’re out there, respect us. We were going out for BP days I don’t pitch either.

“He was tardy. He was showing up late. He showed up one day a little bit too late for his start because that was happening at times. But then again, you sat there and said the man was dominant, so who cares? He showed up late, Jimmy Williams told Bryce Florie you’re starting. When Pedro showed up to the locker room, Pedro Martinez, a hall of famer, one of the greatest pitchers to ever pitch in this game, the most important player on the Boston Red Sox at that time, Jimmy Williams looked at him when he walked in that locker room and said ‘you’re not pitching tonight.’"

"[Pedro] said, ‘why?’ ‘Cause you showed up late, we’ve had this discussion before. People pointed out, I even forgot the whole thing, but he ended up coing out of the bullpen that night and getting a W. To sit there and say what can you do. Do you think Jimmy Williams said if I do this with Pedro Martinez I’m going to lose him? Jimmy Williams, it wasn’t like he had a great relationship with Dan Duquette. He later got fired because Joe Kerrigan backstabbed him late in the weeds and took care of him. Jimmy Williams, as the manager, sat there saying you know what Pedro has more clout in this organization than I do. I’m sitting his ass.”