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Rafael Devers motivated by Red Sox' struggles at third base this season

John Hand
July 17, 2017 - 5:50 pm

PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- After going 4-for-4 in his Triple-A debut on Saturday, Rafael Devers was greeted with a swarm of media ahead of his first home game as a PawSox Monday night at McCoy Stadium.

“(I) wasn’t thinking too much about it, actually,” Devers said about his promotion through a translator. “(I) was just waiting for the time to come. Work hard every day, be calm and get pitches to hit.”

Because third base has been a cursed position for the Sox this season, Devers' success has many fans pushing for the potential superstar to get bumped up to the big leagues.

“It does (motivate me),” Devers said about the Red Sox third base issues. “It is out of (my) control, so there is nothing (I) can do about it. The fact that there is an opportunity there does inspire and motivate (me) to work harder.

“The Red Sox are pretty forthright with (me) about their thought process and wanting to take time and be patient with (me). (I) did all (I) could every day to make sure this step would happen.”

After hitting .300/.369/.575 in 77 games in Double-A, Devers was told about his promotion from Portland to Pawtucket by Sea Dogs’ manager Carlos Feebles on Friday.

“It was a great moment,” Devers said. “Carlos brought (me) into the office and told (me) (I) was going to Pawtucket. (I) spoke with (my) father, called him right away. Everyone was very emotional and happy.”

Now with Triple-A, Devers will be facing more challenging pitching.

“The main difference is the first day (I) got four hits, saw a lot of fastballs. The next day, what do you know, breaking balls left and right,” Devers said. “(I) got to make that adjustment.”

That adjustment, however, is nothing Devers is worried about.

“It is something (I have) done all (my) life,” Devers said.  

During batting practice, Devers used former PawSox third baseman Jhonny Peralta’s bat and connected on several big hits, including two home runs to right center. If the success continues, Devers can expect even more attention and potentially even a promotion.