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Red Sox offensive juggernaut Eduardo Nunez joins Bradfo Sho podcast

John Hand
August 10, 2017 - 10:39 am

Eduardo Nunez has reignited the Red Sox offense since being acquired from the Giants before the trade deadline. In 11 games since joining the Sox, Nunez is hitting .420/.442/.780. He joined the Bradfo Sho podcast to discuss his success this season. To hear the full podcast, go to the WEEI podcast page.

“I feel confident,” Nunez said. “I feel confident in my swing, confident in my timing, trust your routine, what you are doing before the game: practice, batting cage and how you can improve in the game. That is confidence.”

Part of Nunez’s success is also due to his swing.

“What he does really well that that I see is he maintains, the term I would put, he is very compact with his swing,” hitting coach Chili Davis said. “His hands aren’t ever going away from his body; they are always traveling in a small space. That top hand always seems like it’s punching through the ball, which keeps the barrel of the bat in the strike zone forever that allows him to adjust balls running in, running away. He’s building a very compact swing. To me that’s going to work in any situation at the plate.”

And who did Nunez model his swing after?

"Nomar Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez,” Nunez said. “They was good. In the Dominican Yankees and Red Sox are the most popular teams. We don’t see a lot [of teams> like Seattle before. Now it is different, everyone can see everything, but back in the day, ten, fifteen years in the past, Yankees and Boston.”

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On trying to get playing time with Yankees in the beginning of his career: “Six years of playing I never thought I was going to get my chance because [Jeter> played well every time. I was waiting, waiting and the years pass me, pass me. I need the opportunity to play every day, so I can show what I can do. I have to learn to play different positions to get in my at-bats. That was not easy. That was all in fear to start. A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, Teixeira they didn’t have room for me at that time.”

On what he does away from the field: “I’m simple. I like my cappuccino before going to a stadium, I like to play pool, I like to watch Netflix and I love movies. I don’t watch a lot sports much. When I go home I watch Netflix.”