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Sam Kennedy: Anyone who says Adam Jones incident didn't happen is 'uninformed'

John Hand
July 27, 2017 - 1:37 pm

Boston has been pegged as a racist city following an incident at Fenway Park earlier this season when Adam Jones said he was called a racial slur during a game. During his weekly appearance on Ordway, Merloni and Fauria, Red Sox President Sam Kennedy discussed the incident with Lou Merloni and Mike Mutnansky. To hear the full interview go to the OM&F audio on demand page.

“When I went out and dealt with the Adam Jones situation and the incident the following night at Fenway and let me be very clear about that incident: that incident happened. It was true. Anyone that says it was made up is uninformed,” Kennedy said. “When we dealt with that incident, we made it very clear that this was not an indictment of Boston or Boston fans. There are ignorant and tolerant people in all corners of the United States. In every city in America this exists. … When I looked Adam Jones in the eyes with John Henry and we talked through it we said this isn't about Boston, this isn’t about New England, this is unfortunately a societal problem.”

Kennedy said he believes the incident happened because of the conversation he had with Jones about the incident. 

“In the case of Adam Jones it is because I met with him and looked him in the eyes and had a conversation. He told me what happened and I believe him,” Kennedy said. “In the case of the next day with the fan incident we were able to identify the person, the perpetrator, of this incident, who used a despicable word. We ejected that person and they admitted to doing what they said they did. So, we made the swift decision not only were they to be ejected that night, but they were to be banned from Fenway Park for life. That was well within our rights and then we turned the matter over to the police. I can tell you that happened and anyone who said it didn’t is uniformed.”

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