Aaron Judge has no regrets over blasting 'New York, New York' outside Red Sox clubhouse

John Tomase
March 01, 2019 - 9:51 am

Start spreading the news: Aaron Judge wouldn't change a thing.

Speaking to the New York Post on Thursday, the Yankees slugger said he had no regrets about playing, "New York, New York" on a boombox outside the Red Sox clubhouse after winning Game 2 of the American League Division Series at Fenway Park in October.

The 6-2 victory sent the series back to the Bronx tied at 1-1. Judge customarily blasts music after a getaway day victory, but usually no one hears it. Fenway Park made that impossible, which is how video of Judge sauntering past the Boston clubhouse became public.

"That's the funny thing," Judge told the Post. "On getaway days, I play music if we win, every single time. But most of the time, nobody hears it, because there's usually tunnels that we're going through to the bus. And the only way to get out of Fenway is through the concourse. That's the only place to play it."

The Red Sox took notice and ended up playing the song not only after eliminating the Yankees in four games, but after clinching the World Series in Los Angeles, too.

"I didn't really know they did," Judge told the Post. "It might have been later in the offseason, someone either shared a video or something like that. But you just kind of laugh about it, to be honest. That's all you really can do.

"For me, it's never for the opponent. Stuff like that, I play it for our team. I play music on the bus, to and from the bus, on the airplane. After a win, it's for the team. It's for nobody else except our team."