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More bad news for Yankees on Aaron Judge, while Didi Gregorius possibly headed to DL

John Tomase
August 20, 2018 - 11:08 am

The hits just keep coming for the New York Yankees, who now know they'll be without slugger Aaron Judge until at least early September, but who didn't expect that shortstop Didi Gregorius could soon join him on the disabled list.

Judge told reporters in New York, including Dan Martin of the New York Post, that his wrist remains broken and that he'll need the full six weeks to heal what is typically a four-to-six week injury. When Judge suffered the chip fracture in late July, the Yankees had initially hoped he'd return in three weeks.

"It's still fractured," Judge told the paper. "There is still a little bit of pain in there, but that's what we are trying to get past right now. It takes about four to six weeks for stuff like that to heal, so wait for that six weeks.''

Judge recently received a cortisone shot and tried playing catch, but was forced to stop because of pain in the wrist. The six-week date from his injury would be Sept. 6. He'd then need a rehab assignment and strengthening before he could even consider a return.

"We're waiting for it to be out of there and once it is, then we'll go," manager Aaron Boone told the Post. "But we're not going to press it, especially now that we've waited this long. When he starts swinging a bat, you'll know that he's probably getting close and the pain at the end-point (of his range of motion) is out of there."

The Yankees have known for a while that Judge was behind schedule. What they didn't expect was the injury to Gregorius, who collided with Blue Jays first baseman Kendrys Morales in Sunday's 10-2 victory before going sprawling to the turf with a heel injury that knocked him from the game.

"He's got a pretty bad bruise on his heel," Boone told reporters. "It's something that we'll monitor over the next 24 hours. It could potentially be a DL thing. So not great, we'll just have to see where we are (Monday). There's nothing broken, but he has a pretty significant bruise on his heel and there is some swelling in there."

With Judge and catcher Gary Sanchez already on the DL, losing Gregorius would be a further blow to a Yankees team that has fallen 9 1/2 games behind the Red Sox in the division.