Agent describes how Yoan Moncada ended up with Red Sox over Yankees

John Tomase
February 23, 2015 - 3:54 pm

David Hastings, the agent for 19-year-old Cuban free agent Yoan Moncada, described how his client landed in Boston. Simply put, it came down to money. Hastings said the Red Sox were among four finalists for Moncada, joining the Yankees, Dodgers and Padres. Moncada liked all four teams equally, and after one round of bidding, the four were basically tied at $25 million. Hastings went back to each club to solicit a second round of offers. "I explained that everyone had the same amount of money, and one team had to distinguish themselves above the others for us to go further," Hastings said. "I gave them all a chance to give us their second bid. I immediately got second-bid offers and went back to the teams that had not chosen to give second bid offers and told them where they needed to be if they wanted to continue to be in the process, and the Yankees declined." The Red Sox won the bidding with a bonus of $31.5 million, far and away a record for an international free agent, beating the previous high of $8.27 million the Diamondbacks gave Cuban right-hander Yoan Lopez in in January. The Yankees didn't budge off $25 million, and their fans will no doubt be disappointed to hear how that cost them. "Listen, Yoan would've gone to the Yankees, had the Yankees beaten everyone else," Hastings said. "He liked the Yankees. He liked the Dodgers. He liked San Diego. He liked all these teams. When you like every team, and one is like, 'We're going to offer you $1 million more, or $2 million more, or $3 million more,' it's kind of a no-brainer."