Ben Cherington wants John Farrell managing Red Sox 'for a long time'

John Tomase
February 21, 2015 - 9:12 am
His work done after a hectic offseason that saw the roster overhauled, Ben Cherington had but one wish entering spring training -- get manager John Farrell signed to an extension. "We almost made it," Cherington said. "First day of camp." The Red Sox don't mind the extra day after getting what they wanted on Saturday by announcing a contract extension with Farrell that will keep him in Boston beyond the 2015 season, the last one on his original three-year deal. Terms were not disclosed. "There's no question in our mind that John is the right man to manage this team," Cherington said. "We want and expect him to be here for a long time. ... This just gets the question out of the way going into the season and allows us to focus on baseball." With a World Series and last-place finish on his resume, Farrell's future may have seemed up in the air, but within the walls of Yawkey Way, there was little doubt. "I think you guys know there's a lot that goes into a manager's job in Boston," Cherington said. "What happens between innings 1 and 9 is just a very small part of it. John has the ability and is one of the few guys that has the ability, we think, to thrive and excel in everything that comes along with being a manager in Boston. It's just very clear to us that he's the right guy. We want to be working together as a group and with him for a long time." Farrell was understandably thrilled. "Well, first and foremost, I'm ecstatic to have the extension, to be able to work alongside Ben and Mike [Hazen] and many others in our front office," Farrell said. "This is a very special place." Cherington praised Farrell for expertly navigating the minefields of Boston. "I see the job, especially in Boston, as one that is multifaceted," Cherington said. "Yes, you have to make decisions during a game, but you've got to be able to communicate with all sorts of different people, players, staff, front office, ownership and external to the organization, too. You've got to be able to handle difficult situations with honesty, with integrity, you've got to be accountable. You've got to have credibility, respect from all those different people that you're working with and John has the ability to do all those things and I think it's a small number of people that can do all those things and do those things well." While Farrell is happy to have the deal, he said his contractual status wasn't going to change his focus. "Honestly, I've never gone to work overly concerned with a contract," he said. "I subscribe to the idea of, 'What can we do today to the best of our abilities?' It's a motto, it's a slogan that we subscribe to today, how are we going to chase winning tonight? What that means in terms of status, contractually, from the bottom of my heart I've never really considered it."