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Best Red Sox team ever? Dave Roberts thinks a case can be made for 2018

John Tomase
October 28, 2018 - 5:40 pm

LOS ANGELES -- Dave Roberts knows a thing or two about great Red Sox teams. He played for the one that started it all in 2004.

And when he looks across the diamond at the 2018 Red Sox, who lead the World Series 3-1 and hope to close it out on Sunday night, he sees a team that might be the best of all.

"It's up there. It's up there," Roberts said. "You look at starting pitching, I like the starting pitching we had in 2004. But offensively very balanced, very athletic. Probably more athletic than the teams that I remember as far as on the defense, considerably better defensively. The base-running, the threat to steal a base, up and down the lineup. The bullpen strength and the arms, that's real. So very comparable, they're very good teams. You don't win 108 games in that division, that league, in this day and age unless you're a pretty good club. And Alex, the coaching staff, they've done a great job."

Roberts' steal in the ALCS springboarded the Red Sox to their first title in 86 years. Now they're trying to close out their fourth since 2004, and only Roberts' Dodgers stand in teh way.

"We're going to stay the course," he said.