Bettor X loses $3.8 million on Rams, Las Vegas wins despite heavy action on Patriots

John Tomase
February 04, 2019 - 10:16 am

Bettor X should know better -- there's no longterm money to be made picking against the Patriots.

The mystery gambler, who won more than $25 million on the Astros and Eagles when they won titles, took an absolute bath on Sunday, losing $3.8 million on the Rams.

According to Yahoo, the anonymous sharp placed bets of $2 million, $1.5 million, and $300,000 on the Rams to win at plus-120, meaning he'd win $120 for every $100 wagered. Had the Rams prevailed, his bet would've paid out $4.56 million.

One gambler made out much better. Per Mitch Moss, one $250 wager was placed on the Rams scoring exactly three points at 400-to-1 odds. When Greg Zuerlein missed a field goal in the final minute, that wager paid off a cool $100,000. On the flip side, Stephen Gostkowski's late field goal eliminated a handful of six-figure wagers that the game would finish between eight and 14 total points, which had 400-to-1 odds as well.

Even though most gamblers put their money on the Patriots, Las Vegas still expects to come out well ahead, thanks to prop bets that went the house's way, as well as the 13-3 final score coming in well short of the over/under total of 56. Because so many gamblers parlayed the Patriots winning with the over, Vegas won all of those bets.

"Not what we expected in a game with two dynamic offenses, but from a sports book perspective, we did real well," Jason McCormick, Red Rock sports book director, told the Las Vegas Sun. "It was kind of a shock it shaped up so well with all the money on the Patriots but almost everything else was absolutely fantastic for us."