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Bradfo Sho: Joe Kelly hangs with Julian Edelman on suspension, talks pyschology

John Tomase
May 02, 2018 - 10:04 am

Joe Kelly has had some time to kill recently thanks to a six-game suspension for fighting with New York's Tyler Austin, so he took in a recent Red Sox game like a fan.

Well, maybe not any fan, since he was invited to sit in a luxury suite with Patriots receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

Speaking on the Bradfo Sho podcast, Kelly told's Rob Bradford what it was like to pick the brain of the Super Bowl-winning receiver.

"I had met Julian before and I met Amendola in St. Louis," Kelly said. "They knew I was staying in the suites, so they were like hey, go get joe and tell him to come over and hang out with us. So one of the suite executives came over and was like hey, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola want to hang out with you. I was like all right, tell them I'll come over in the fourth. I went over there and it was cool. We ended up talking more sports.

"Julian is very into the mental aspects of the game and so am I  -- I was a psychology major -- so it was cool to kind of pick his brain and we talked for, I don't know, the fifth inning all the way to the end of the game about sports psychology, so that was interesting to see. That guy works his butt off. So it was kind of good to pick his brain and what makes him tick. That was fun. The suspension has been long, but I've been able to meet some pretty awesome people and hear some good stories."

For more from Kelly, including his newfound status as a folk hero who gets standing ovations in the bullpen and at Bruins games, give the podcast a listen.