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Celtics fail to move into top 3 of NBA draft, meaning Lakers pick goes to Sixers

John Tomase
May 15, 2018 - 8:23 pm

The Celtics won't be picking third again for at least another year.

The NBA draft lottery was held on Tuesday night, and the Celtics didn't win. They entered the lottery with a 2.9 percent chance of jumping from 10th to either second or third, thanks to a trade with the Sixers last year involving the No. 1 overall pick.

Had the selection, which originally belonged to the Lakers, jumped to second or third, it would've gone to Boston. Instead, it stays at No. 10 and belongs to the Sixers. The Celtics will instead receive the better of Sacramento and Philadelphia's pick next year, unless it's No. 1 overall, in which case it will go to Philly.

The lottery did hurt the Celtics in the sense that the Kings jumped from seventh to second, meaning Sacramento could gain a more talented player in June and thus fall in next year's draft.

The good news is the Cavaliers did not move up, instead staying at No. 8 with the Brooklyn pick the Celtics sent to Cleveland last August as part of a package for Kyrie Irving.

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