Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz was warming up to pitch in Saturday's Yankees game

John Tomase
April 11, 2015 - 1:53 pm

NEW YORK -- A short note from Saturday's 8-4 victory over the Yankees: Clay Buchholz was warming to pitch. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed Buchholz throwing in the bullpen in the latter innings of the victory. And it would be easy to assume that, because Buchholz is Sunday's listed starter, he was just getting work in before his regular turn. That would be false. "I was up to pitch," Buchholz said. "All hands on deck. (Justin) Masterson and I were both down there. If something happened and the game got out of hand and we were tied and went to extra innings, that's what I was out there for. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. You've got to win today." Manager John Farrell said that Masterson actually would've entered the game before Buchholz, but that both were available in light of Friday's 19-inning, bullpen-taxing marathon. Similarly, the Yankees had starter CC Sabathia warming in their pen, too. "I do that every day before a start, I throw about 10-15 pitches off a mound with a catcher on the plate," Buchholz said. "That's my routine. But today I pushed it back a little bit in case I needed to get out there and throw a couple of innings. My routine wasn't messed up at all." The real question is who would've started Sunday in Buchholz's absence. Buchholz maintained that he would've liked a chance to record a save on one day and a win the next, but recognized that probably wasn't happening. Because of the 10-day rule on players optioned to the minors, the Red Sox wouldn't have been able to summon a starter from Pawtucket who got demoted at the end of spring training, meaning they'd potentially have needed to turn to a non-roster pitcher for the spot start while simultaneously clearing room on the 40-man roster. Thankfully for all involved, it didn't come to that.