David Ortiz

David Ortiz to return to lineup on Saturday after visiting 'the Ortiz laboratory'

John Tomase
May 29, 2015 - 10:13 pm

ARLINGTON, Texas -- David Ortiz's break is over. Now it's time to see if this little two-day science experiment yielded any breakthroughs. After Friday's 7-4 loss to the Rangers, Red Sox manager John Farrell said "everything points" to Ortiz rejoining the lineup for Saturday night's game. The slumping slugger has had the last two games off to work on his swing. Did he find a fix? "We're about to find out," he said. "I've been in the Ortiz laboratory." Ortiz has been mired in a 3-for-31 slump that has dropped his average to .216. Earlier in the week, he said that if he can't find his old swing, he'll move on to Plan B, which is to, "come back and rake." "A guy like myself, I always have to be on top of my game because every night I see the best coming out of everyone," he said on Thursday. "So the minute I walk away from my game, this is exactly what happens. The pitcher be like, 'Just keep that monster down there sleeping. Don't wake him up. Bury him.' So in my case, I've got to figure out how to execute better. There's always a Plan B. There is always a Plan B that you've got to put in play. Once the Plan B stops working, that means you don't have it anymore, so that's another step you'€™ve got to take. I'€™m just going to put in play the Plan B."