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Price, during Fortnite game, says Eovaldi had better re-sign with Red Sox

John Tomase
November 28, 2018 - 10:08 am

From the Dept. of Sentences That Could Only Be Written in 2018: David Price launched his Twitch channel on Tuesday night and while taking questions from fans during a game of Fortnite admonished teammate Nathan Eovaldi that he’d “better be re-signing” with the Red Sox.

Eovaldi was playing on the stream with Price but not wearing a microphone, so we couldn’t hear his response, but Price apparently spent most of the session trash-talking his free agent teammate, per NBC Sports Boston.

"Everybody wants you to re-sign, and I said no... I said re-sign him and send him to Pawtucket," Price joked.

Price, who plays under the screen name of “slimdunkin1424,” went on to rip Eovaldi for eating a hot dog without a bun and pizza with a fork, shopping at Whole Foods for kale, and not actually being able to throw 102 mph. He did so on Twitch, a platform which allows for live-streaming of primarily e-sports, among other things.

Price also addressed the Fortnite/carpal tunnel controversy from last spring, intimating that it was a media creation caused, “by other things, not video games.”