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David Price will play a ton of Fortnite if it can keep him from pitching in All-Star Game

John Tomase
June 19, 2018 - 9:36 pm

David Price apparently wants All-Star weekend off and is willing to indulge his most controversial vice to make sure it happens.

Speaking to the Boston Herald's Jason Mastrodonato, Price suggested he'd play a marathon session of Fortnight to keep Astros manager A.J. Hinch from using him in the Mid-Summer Classic, should he be selected.

"I feel like if he did, it would just be to get me to throw an extra inning," Price told the Herald. "And that would be a pretty pro move on his part. I'll come up with something, if I am an All-Star, so I won't have to pitch. I'll play a lot of Fortnite the night before, so I'll be down (unavailable)."

Price was pretty clearly joking. He noted that other Red Sox pitchers should be there before him.

"Chris Sale," Price said. "I ain't going. I'm not an All-Star. Craig Kimbrel is going to get his, I didn't vote for Craig because he's Craig Kimbrel, he's going to get his votes. I voted for Joe Kelly and Matt Barnes. Actually I did vote for Craig. Joe, Barnes and Craig. Craig doesn't need votes. His name is going to get him in."

Price is 8-4 with a 3.76 ERA, which makes him a fringe All-Star at best. However, the Red Sox have won his last seven starts and he owns a 2.64 ERA in that time. He last made the All-Star team in 2015.

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